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The 10 most popular articles of 2006.

Slate’s most popular story in 2006 was a guide to surviving calamities of all kinds, and our most popular Explainer was an inquiry into the destructive properties of hail. But not all of the year’s greatest hits were suited for nervous Nellies. Readers also loved our slide show about modern skyscrapers, our piece on Starbucks’ mysterious “short” cappuccino, and our (premature, it turns out) eulogy for 7th Heaven (the show, scheduled to conclude last spring, was later revived by the CW network). Below, you’ll find a list of the 10 pieces that attracted the most readers this year.


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1) The Survivalist
How to survive a disaster.
By David Shenk

2) Up, Up, and Away
The new skyscraper, in all its guises.
By Witold Rybczynski

3) Starbucks Economics
Solving the mystery of the elusive “short” cappuccino.
By Tim Harford

4) What a Drag
The great Powerade ad you won’t find on TV.
By Seth Stevenson

Young New Yorkers on the Brooklyn waterfront on 9/11

5) It’s Me in That 9/11 Photo
Walter Sipser was in that picture Frank Rich wrote about. Here’s what he thinks of Rich’s column.


6) The Slate 60 Turns 10
The 60 largest American charitable contributions of 2005.
By Sebastian Mallaby

7) How Dangerous Is Hail?
Can a grapefruit-sized ice ball kill you?
By Daniel Engber

8) Kazakh Like Me
reveals the painful politeness of American society.
By Christopher Hitchens

9) Is Whole Foods Wholesome?
The dark secrets of the organic-food movement.
By Field Maloney

Jessica Biel in 7th Heaven 

10) 7th Heaven Goes to Heaven
Saying farewell to the longest-running family drama in TV history.
By Marisa Meltzer