Bond Doesn’t Know Poker

What Casino Royale gets wrong about the casino.

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At the center of the new James Bond movie, Casino Royale, is, naturally, a casino, in which our hero plays in a dramatic high-stakes poker game (in fact, the stakes are basically the safety of the free world). So, you’d think the producers would have worked hard to get the poker scenes right.


But you’d be wrong, according to NPR reporter and gambling expert Mike Pesca. In our latest Spoiler Special, Mike details what movies like Casino Royale get wrong about poker. Click here to play the audio. (You’ll find Mike’s regular NPR podcast about gambling here.)


And while Casino Royale deals with terrorists in passing, the Showtime series Sleeper Cell puts a group of would-be evildoers front and center. The show is just completing its second season, and it’s the subject of another Spoiler Special, this one a dialogue between Slate’s Troy Patterson and June Thomas. Click here to listen to the program.

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