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  The Oscars 2007: A pre-show chat,” by Kim Masters, Troy Patterson, and Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 22, 2007.  Magnum on the Oscars: A video montage of classic movie photos.” Posted Feb. 23, 2007.  Smile and Say ‘Fat!’: Why does the camera add 10 pounds?” by Michelle Tsai. Posted Feb. 22, 2007. “And the Oscar for Creative Accounting Goes To …“: Can PricewaterhouseCoopers be trusted to count the Academy Awards ballots?” by Daniel Gross. Posed Feb. 22, 2007. hollywoodland

 None of the Above: Dispirited Oscar voters turn in blank ballots,” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 22, 2007.  Theta Testing: Will Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes revive their careers?” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 20, 2007.   Democrats in Hollywood: Does the town love Hillary or Obama?” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 16, 2007.  You’ve Got 23 Annoying E-mails: The most obnoxious movie-marketing idea of the year,” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 12, 2007.  The Norbit Factor: Will Eddie Murphy’s tacky new comedy lose him an Oscar?” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 9, 2007.  War of the Words: Spielberg counters Brad Grey in the pages of the New York Times,” by Kim Masters. Posted Feb. 6, 2007.  Based on True Events: What exactly is ‘true’ about The Last King of Scotland?” by Kim Masters. Posted Jan. 31, 2007.  Brad Grey Denied: He won’t be walking up the aisle on Oscar night for The Departed,” by Kim Masters. Posted Jan. 26, 2007.   The Trouble With Borat and United 93: Two movies without screenplays get nominated for writing awards. Whoops,” by Kim Masters. Posted Jan. 18, 2007.  Golden Globes Parties: The stars, the studio intrigue, the indecipherable accents,” by Kim Masters. Posted Jan. 16, 2007  Say It Ain’t So, Dakota!: The child star has a new movie in which she gets raped,” by Kim Masters. Posted Jan. 12, 2007.  Extra! Extra!: The skinny on David Geffen and the L.A. Times,” by Kim Masters. Posted Dec. 28, 2006.   The Oscar Race: Will Dreamgirls get snubbed because of its African-American cast?” by Kim Masters. Posted Dec. 21, 2006.


  Battlefield Earth: Days of Glory and Grbavica explore war and its aftermath,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 16, 2007.  That’s the Look of Love: Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant in Music and Lyrics, by Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 14, 2007.  Eurotrash Schoolboy: The young Lecter in Hannibal Rising,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan. 9, 2007.  Desperate Bureaucrats: The Lives of Others is the best surveillance movie since The Conversation,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 8, 2007.   Diane Freakin’ Keaton: Why can’t she find better roles?” by Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 2, 2007.  Factory Reject: A tepid biopic of Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Feb. 1, 2007.   Men With Guns: The absurdly macho pyrotechnics of Smokin’ Aces,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan. 25, 2007   The State of the Oscar: Forget the Dreamgirls snub, what about Volver?” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan. 23, 2007  It’s a Hard-Knock Life: The queasy morality of Russian adoption in The Italian,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan. 19, 2007.  Thai Feud: Imagine a Western directed by Todd Haynes and Sam Peckinpah,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan, 12, 2007.   The Movie Club: Critic vs. critic,” by Dana Stevens, Carina Chocano, Wesley Morris, and Keith Phipps. Posted Jan. 2, 2007.   The Top 10 Movies of 2006: A family road trip; a world without babies, and, yes, Babel,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Friday, Dec. 29, 2006.    Sugar and Spice: The schlocky appeal of Dreamgirls,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Dec. 21, 2006.   The Movie of the Millennium: Alfonso Cuarón’s fantastic Children of Men,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Dec. 21, 2006.   In Too Deep: A journey into David Lynch’s Inland Empire,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Dec. 15, 2006. Flavorless Ham: A faithful, but bland, Charlotte’s Web,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006.Trading Spaces: Home-swapping in Holiday. Plus, Leo DiCaprio’s turn in Blood Diamond,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Dec. 8, 2006.   A Pre-History of Violence: Mel Gibson’s bloody, bewildering Apocalypto,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Dec. 7, 2006.Bored in a Manger: The unceasing drabness of The Nativity Story,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Nov. 30, 2006.Infinity and Beyond: Darren Aronofsky goes to the stars,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Nov. 29, 2006.


  The Slacker Movie’s Quarterlife Crisis: Mutual Appreciation and The Puffy Chair reveal a genre stuck in a rut,” by Marisa Meltzer. Posted Feb. 22, 2007.  Replaying Brando: How DVD adds new depth to his greatness,” by Stanley Crouch. Posted Jan. 25, 2007  Children of Idiocracy: What Mike Judge’s latest comedy has in common with Alfonso Cuarón’s masterpiece,” by Dana Stevens. Posted Jan. 12, 2007.   The Forgotten Jimmy Stewart Christmas Classic: Forget It’s a Wonderful Life. Watch The Shop Around the Corner this year,” by Elbert Ventura. Posted Dec. 22, 2006.The Miracle of Preston Sturges: The comic genius who Made Eight Comedies in Four Years,” by David Haglund. Posted Nov. 22, 2006.Concrete Badlands: How the gangster film began,” by Stanley Crouch. Posted Thursday, Oct. 19, 2006.I Queue: Judging your friends by their Netflix lists,” by Sam Anderson. Posted Sept. 14, 2006.


Tenaciously Disappointing: The tragic squandering of Jack Black’s awesomeness,” by Sam Anderson. Posted Dec. 13, 2006.Zach Braff: Why is this guy the voice of my generation?” by Josh Levin. Posted Sept. 22., 2006.


  The Lost Baggage of Unaccompanied Minors: Can you mention divorce in a kids’ movie?” by Susan Burton. Posted Dec. 13, 2006. The Real Kazakhstan: What does Borat get right and wrong about his native land?” by Eric Weiner. Posted Nov. 3, 2006.


  Sudden Death: What Bridge to Terabithia still teaches us,” by Emily Bazelon. Posted Feb. 22, 2007.   “Quirky in a Good Way: Why all the hate for Little Miss Sunshine?” by Matt Feeney. Posted Feb. 22, 2007.  A Very Nasty Portrait of the Artist: How Factory Girl insults Andy Warhol,” by Jim Lewis. Posted Feb. 7, 2007.  World Wide Sundance: Will the Web make film festivals obsolete?” by Tim Wu. Posted Jan. 26, 2007.   The Power and Glory of the Rocky Montage: A video slideshow,” by Josh Levin. Posted Dec. 21, 2006.Is James Bond Responsible for the Iraq War?: How the Middle East really got shaken and stirred,” by Richard Cohen. Posted Dec. 1, 2006.Arbus in Furs: How Fur mythologizes the iconic photographer,” by Mia Fineman. Posted Nov. 10, 2006.Not Very Nice. The Borat movie: They botched the joke,” by Ron Rosenbaum. Posted Nov. 2, 2006.


WARNING: These podcasts are meant to be heard AFTER you’ve seen the movie 

  Music and Lyrics,” by Dana Stevens and Jody Rosen. Posted Feb. 14, 2007.   Factory Girl,” by Dana Stevens, Julia Turner, and Meghan O’Rourke. Posted Feb. 1, 2007.   Smokin’ Aces,” by Dana Stevens and Mike Pesca. Posted Jan. 25, 2007.  Notes on a Scandal,” by Dana Stevens and Timothy Noah. Posted Jan. 8, 2007. Dreamgirls,” by Dana Stevens and Jody Rosen. Posted Dec. 22, 2006. Casino Royale,” by Mike Pesca. Posted Dec. 15, 2006.   The History Boys,” by Dana Stevens and Timothy Noah. Posted Nov. 21, 2006. Fur,” by Dana Stevens and Mia Fineman. Posted Nov. 15, 2006.