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Inside Fox News

As senior vice president, news editorial, for Fox News, John Moody oversees that cable news channel’s story content and overall editorial direction. Fox News reporters and producers are accustomed to receiving daily editorial memos from Moody on what to expect or how to direct developing stories. More than anyone else except Fox News chairman and chief executive officer Roger Ailes, it is Moody who defines, for Fox News, what it means to be “fair and balanced.”

Judging from Moody’s Nov. 13 memo, reprinted below (a second memo appears on the following two pages), it is “fair and balanced” to gloat, prior to the vote to elect House leaders on Nov. 16, “The Pelosi effect is being felt. … Let the blue bloodbath begin.”

It is also “fair and balanced” for Moody to instruct the news staff to ask the following question of every guest who appears to discuss the pending immigration bill: “Does the U.S. have the right to defend its borders or not? … Lets see if anyone says no.”

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