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What the Pope Said

Pope Benedict XVI issued what may not be his last  apology over remarks he made Sept. 12 in Bavaria that left Muslims in an uproar. Scroll down to read what the ruckus is all about. As the fourth footnote, below, points out, the Vatican has revised the official English text (which I’ve taken from its Web site), apparently because the initial translation understated the degree to which the pope, in the original German, distanced himself from the controversial quotation.*

Note to readers: The format of this column has changed. Previously, footnotes appeared when you rolled your mouse over the highlighted passages. Now I ask you to clickon the highlighted portions. The footnotes will remain there until you close them. You may need to reset your browser to allow popup windows.

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*Correction:An earlier version of this column stated, incorrectly, that the pope never uttered the mollifying language belatedly inserted into the English-language text. Review of the videotaped speech by three individuals fluent in German establishes that the pope did indeed include that language.