Spoiling World Trade Center

Slate’s “post-view” of Oliver Stone’s 9/11 epic.

Oliver Stone’s much-awaited and debated film World Trade Centeropened a surprisingly strong No. 3 at the box office, bringing in $19 million over the weekend and nearly $27 million since it opened last Wednesday. (Of course, “surprisingly strong” in this case reflects Hollywood’s expectation that a movie about the most depressing day in recent American history from a controversial director could have tanked.)

The film may seem a challenging subject for a Spoiler Special (a “post-view” discussion of a movie in which we feel free to discuss endings and plot points left out of most reviews) because it has nothing to spoil. We all know what happened that day, and most of us even know the basic outline of the uplifting rescue story the movie recounts. But WTC is still a film you want to talk about after you’ve seen it, and that’s the other purpose of spoiler specials—to provide the kind of post-screening chat you might have with friends after leaving the theater.

In today’s edition, Slate’s Dana Stevens and Bryan Curtis discuss what happened to Stone’s politics, the intriguing character of the Marine who helped in the rescue, and much more.

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