Spoiling Lady and the Ex-Girlfriend

Slate’s “postviews” of two new movies.

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This week we have two new Spoiler Specials for you. If you’re planning to see either Lady in the Wateror My Super Ex-Girlfriend, you’ll want to listen to our “postviews” afterward (and if you have absolutely no intention of seeing them, well, we won’t stop you from listening—but remember, we do give away key plot points and details about the endings).

For those who haven’t experienced Spoiler Specialsyet, they’re designed to be like the discussions you have with friends and family after you see a film—sometimes ebullient, often catty, and always focused on those little surprises that weren’t mentioned in the reviews or given away in the trailer.

In our Lady in the Water discussion, Slate movie critic Dana Stevens and staff writer Bryan Curtis discuss narfs, scrunts, and M. Night Shyamalan’s growing messiah complex.

In the spoiler for My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Dana Stevens is joined by Slate’sJulia Turner (who recently wrote about breakup how-to books) and superhero junkie Mike Pesca of NPR’s Day to Day. Among other things, they discuss the finer points of sex with a superhero, and they ponder what the G in “G-Girl,” Uma Thurman’s character, actually stands for.

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