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Casino Royale   ( Slate review)

Sleeper Cell (TV show) ( Slate review)

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Fur( Slate review)

Borat ( Slate Review)

30 Rock (TV show) ( Review)

The Prestige( Slate review)

Marie Antoinette( Slate review)

The Departed( Slate review)

The Black Dahlia( Slate review)

Snakes on a Plane( Slate review)

World Trade Center( Slate review)

Talladega Nights( Slate review)

Miami Vice( Slate review)


Lady in the Water( Slate review)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest ( Slate review)

The Devil Wears Prada ( Slate review)



April 26 Table for 39

April 25 Suck It Up

April 24 In Search of the Perfect Web Page

April 23 Gonzo for Gonzo

April 20 The Gabfest and the 5-4 Majority

April 19 The Good, the Bad, the Long-winded

April 18 In Praise of Insensitive Reporters

April 17 McCain Self-Destructs

April 16 The Coming Tax Crash

April 13 The Gabfest and Imus’ Demise

April 12 Cute Knute

April 12 Explainer: How Fast Can Don Imus’ Sponsors Get Away?

April 11 Alternative Minimum Terror

April 11 Explainer: How Hard Is the Aptitude Test for U.S. Military Recruits?

April 10 The You Decade

April 10 Explainer: Why Does It Take Hours To Evacuate a Sinking Vessel?

April 9 This Old Grindhouse

April 9 Explainer: Should I Snort My Dad?

April 6 Mini Gabfest

April 6 Explainer: Are iTunes’ Premium Downloads Worth It?

April 5 Grand Theft Politics

April 4 The Price of Dissing Bush

April 4 Explainer: How Do You Get on the FBI’s Most Wanted List?

April 3 Outrageous Movie Ads

April 3 Explainer: Why Does Fido’s Kibble Contain Chinese Wheat?

April 2 Help Us Fix the Fray

April 2 Explainer: Why Doesn’t Baseball Have More Female Umpires?


March 30 Showdown at the Gabfest

March 29 Slate’s Audio Book Club: “Independence Day” by Richard Ford

March 29 Explainer: Why Would You Skin a Kangaroo? ( Slate piece)

March 28 Television Without Pity

March 27 Why We Sleep

March 27 Explainer: What Does Burning Human Flesh Smell Like? ( Slate piece)

March 26 More Zombie Brands!

March 23 The 1984 Gabfest

March 23 Explainer: Do Female Soldiers Get Any Privacy? ( Slate piece)

March 22 In Praise of Earplugs

March 22 Explainer: Can You Hear Without Ears? ( Slate piece)

March 21 Scrapping the Dollar Bill

March 21 Explainer: What Would Jesus Smoke? ( Slate piece)

March 20 Why We Get Happier With Age

March 20 Explainer: What’s in a Can of Dog Food? ( Slate piece)

March 19 Attack of the Zombie Brands

March 19 Explainer: What Do Mormon Athletes Wear Under Their Uniforms? ( Slate piece)

March 16 The Straight Talk Gabfest

March 16 Explainer: What Kinds of Immoral Behavior Does the Military Prosecute? ( Slate piece)

March 15 Let’s Hear It For the Crusades!

March 15  Explainer: What’s So Important About Voter Fraud?  ( Slate piece)

March 14 What Obama’s Finances Tell Us

March 13 Farewell, Bracketmaster

March 13 Explainer: Halliburton Says Salaam ( Slate piece)

March 12 Euphemisms for Incompetence

March 9 The Survivalist Gabfest

March 8 Getting Naked for Your Country

March 7 The Case for Socialized Medicine, Part 1

March 7 Explainer: What’s So Wrong About a Lawmaker Calling a Prosecutor? ( Slate piece)

March 6 The U.S. Attorney Scandal

March 6 Explainer: What Do You Get for Being Cherokee? ( Slate piece)

March 5 Does Beauty Make You Smarter?

March 2 The Gabfest and Gore’s Oscar

March 2 Explainer: What Rewards Can Female Suicide Bombers Expect? ( Slate piece)

March 1 8 Feet High and Rising

March 1 Explainer: Why Did NYSE Traders Boo After the Crash? ( Slate piece)


Feb. 28 The CEO Candidate

Feb. 28 Explainer: Why Does February Have Only 28 Days? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 27 Evicted From Wikipedia

Feb. 26 Slackers in a Rut

Feb. 26 Explainer: Was Britney’s Hair Full of Drugs? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 23 The Gabfest Gets Personal

Feb. 23 Explainer: Why Does the Camera Add 10 Pounds? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 22  Waiter, I’ll Have a Sysco ( Slate piece)

Feb. 22 Explainer: Tomb Raiding 101 ( Slate piece)

Feb. 21  From Russia with Love ( Slate piece)

Feb. 21 Explainer: Can You Get Salmonella From Peanut Butter? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 20  Minibar Economics ( Slate piece)

Feb. 20 Explainer: Is 50,000 Tons a Lot of Oil? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 16 The Gabfest and Jack Bauer

Feb. 16 Explainer: Why Are Iranian Bombs Labeled in English? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 15  The Swimsuit Issue ( Slate piece)

Feb. 15 Explainer: How Do You Cheat at NASCAR? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 14  Hollywood Picks Its Candidate ( Slate piece)

Feb. 13  Our Dog Addiction ( Slate piece)

Feb. 13 Explainer: Why Do Clothes Wrinkle? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 12  My Starvation Diet ( Slate piece)

Feb. 9 The Nonbinding Gabfest

Feb. 9 Explainer: Did Boston’s Bomb Scare Really Cost $1 Million? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 8 Explainer: Do Astronauts Have Sex? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 7  Iraq Inc. ( Slate piece)

Feb. 7 Explainer: Why Didn’t Prince Get Electrocuted at the Super Bowl? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 6  Why We’ll Miss Molly ( Slate piece)

Feb. 5  What Happened to Telecommuting? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 5 Explainer: Are Super Bowl Parties Illegal? ( Slate piece)

Feb. 2 The Political Gaffe-fest


Jan. 31  That Pesky Corporate Jet ( Slate piece)

Jan. 30  The Libby Trial Hits Home ( Slate piece)

Jan. 29  Sundance vs. YouTube ( Slate piece)

Jan. 26 Madame Speaker, The Gabfest

Jan. 25  Euphemisms for Drunk ( Slate piece)

Jan. 24  Oscar Outrages ( Slate piece)

Jan. 23  Windows Vista, Reviewed ( Slate piece)

Jan. 22  The Purloined Sirloin ( Slate piece)

Jan. 19 The Bifurcated Gabfest

Jan. 19 Explainer: How Do You Keep Fruit From Freezing? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 18  Curse of the Camera Phone ( Slate piece)

Jan. 18 Explainer: How Reliable Are Missing-Children Statistics? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 17  O.J.’s Ghostwriter ( Slate piece)

Jan. 17 Explainer: How Long Do Frozen Embryos Last? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 16  CEO Swag ( Slate piece)

Jan. 12 The Gabfest and the Surge

Jan. 12 Explainer: How Do I Get to Gitmo? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 11  Apple’s iPhone, Reviewed ( Slate piece)

Jan. 11 Explainer: Can Brazil Ban YouTube? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 10  The Mystery of Margaritaville ( Slate piece)

Jan. 10 Explainer: Are Skinny Girls Unhealthy? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 9  Straight Eye for the Queer Guy ( Slate piece)

Jan. 9 Explainer: How Do You Fix an Undersea Cable? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 8 Is Whole Foods in Trouble? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 8 Explainer: How Does International Postage Work? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 5 The Gabfest and the First 100 Hours

Jan. 5 Explainer: How Do You Tell If a Rock Is a Meteorite? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 4  Our Iraqi Mistake ( Slate piece)

Jan. 4 Explainer: Is Soap “Self-Cleaning”? ( Slate piece)

Jan. 3  Google’s Buried Treasure ( Slate piece)

Jan. 3 Explainer: Why Do Filmmakers Use Pseudonyms?  ( Slate piece)

Jan. 2 Explainer: Do Boxers Drink Raw Eggs? ( Slate piece)



Dec. 29 The Champagne Gabfest

Dec. 29 Explainer: Why Are the Elderly So Susceptible to Pneumonia? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 28  Political Middle Names ( Slate piece)

Dec. 28 Explainer: Am I the Buddha? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 27 Slate’s Audio Book Club: “The Emperor’s Children” by Claire Messud  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 27 Explainer: Who Owns a Donated Organ? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 26 Explainer: How Do You Cure a Sex Addict? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 22 The Gabfest, Time’s Person of the Year!

Dec. 22 Explainer: How Do You Become Santa Claus? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 21  Euphemisms for … Sex ( Slate piece)

Dec. 20  Stump the Explainer ( Slate piece)

Dec. 19  The Year’s Top Political Moments ( Slate piece)

Dec. 18 The Despicable U-Boat Watch ( Slate piece)

Dec. 18 Explainer: How Do You Circumcise an Adult Male? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 15 The Gabfest’s on the B List

Dec. 15 Explainer: How Do I Get Experimental Drugs? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 14  Hell No, We Won’t Protest ( Slate piece)

Dec. 14 Explainer: Capitol Hooky ( Slate piece)

Dec. 13  Iran’s Massive Denial ( Slate piece)

Dec. 13 Explainer: Augusto Pino-qué? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 12  Barack’s Coming Out Party ( Slate piece)

Dec. 12 Explainer: Don’t Drink the Mars Water ( Slate piece

Dec. 11  Happiness, The Economic Model ( Slate piece)

Dec. 8 The Gabfest Savors Hypocrisy

Dec. 7  How to Call iTunes ( Slate piece)

Dec. 7 Explainer: How Do You Draw an Extinct Animal?  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 6  The Autograph Man ( Slate piece)

Dec. 6 Explainer: Radiation-Pattern Baldness  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 5  Affirmative Inaction ( Slate piece)

Dec. 5 Explainer: Why Do So Many Cruise Ship Passengers Get Diarrhea?  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 4  The Mystery of Sonar Boy ( Slate piece)

Dec. 4 Explainer: How Often Do They Change the American Citizenship Quiz?  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 1 The Gabfest Goes Radioactive


Nov. 30  Listen Up! ( Slate piece)

Nov. 30 Explainer: What’s in a Presidential Motorcade?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 29  A Might Whimper ( Slate piece)

Nov. 29 Explainer: What Is an Acid Bomb?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 28  I Want It Now! ( Slate piece)

Nov. 28 Explainer: Is Radiation Contagious?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 27 Girth Control ( Slate piece)

Nov. 27 Explainer: How Do Airlines Set Ticket Prices?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 22  Dead Plagiarists Society ( Slate piece)

Nov. 27 Explainer: How Do Tasers Work?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 21  Being Paris Hilton ( Slate piece)

Nov. 27 Explainer: All the President’s Paperwork  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 27 Explainer: How Many Jobs Do the Democrats Get To Assign?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 20 Jay-Z Vs. the Sample Troll  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 17 The Gabfest and Al-Jazeera

Nov. 17 Explainer: Does James Bond Have a License To Kill? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 16  Why HD-DVD is D.O.A. ( Slate piece)

Nov. 16 Explainer: Could OJ Simpson End Up Back in Court? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 15  Selling the Supreme Court ( Slate piece)

Nov. 15 Explainer: Can Humans Breed With Other Animals? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 14 Bill Clinton on Why Giving Matters

Nov. 13 Michael Bloomberg at The Slate 60 Conference

Nov. 13 Explainer: What Is a Gyroball? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 10 The Gabfest and the New Majority

Nov. 10 Explainer: What, Exactly, Is an Evangelical? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 9  Thumbs Up on Gates ( Slate piece)

Nov. 9 Explainer: How Do Hangings Work? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 8  Rumsfeld’s Out

Nov. 8 Explainer: Can I Vote Without Going Outside? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 7  Debunking Borat ( Slate piece)

Nov. 7 Explainer: What Are Those Foil Wrappers at the Marathon? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 6  Euphemisms: The Election Edition ( Slate piece)

Nov. 6 Explainer: How Do Arson Investigations Work? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 3 The Gabfest Prognosticates

Nov. 3 Explainer: Are Weekend Polling Numbers Skewed? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 2  The Colbert Retort ( Slate piece)

Nov. 2  Explainer: How Does a Gallon of Gas Make 19 Pounds of Carbon Dioxide? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 1 Slate’s Audio Book Club: The Omnivore’s Dilemma, by Michael Pollan

Nov. 1  Explainer: Why Can’t U.S. Soldiers Marry Iraqis? ( Slate piece)


Oct. 30  A Slate Election Special ( Slate piece

Oct. 30 Explainer: Is Joe Lieberman Still a Democrat? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 27  The Gabfest and the Playboy Party

Oct. 27 Explainer: How Do Parkinson’s Meds Work? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 26  The Latest iPod Killer ( Slate piece)

Oct. 26 Explainer: Is Vegemite Banned in the United States? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 25  What’s Wrong With Studio 60 ( Slate piece)

Oct. 25 Explainer: How Did They Get People To Be in the Borat Movie? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 24  It’s Pretty Easy Being Green ( Slate piece)

Oct. 24 Explainer: How To Throw the Goopball ( Slate piece)

Oct. 23  How to Say “Dead” Delicately ( Slate piece)

Oct. 20 The Faith-Based Gabfest

Oct. 20 Explainer: How Can I Fix My Ripped Picasso? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 19  My Mother, The Newswoman

Oct. 19 Explainer: Do Businesses Have To Accept Cash? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 18 The iPod of eBooks? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 18 Explainer: What Are the Protests Like at Gallaudet? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 17 Does TV Cause Autism? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 17 Explainer: The 300 Millionth American ( Slate piece)

Oct. 16 Sweet, Selfish Charity ( Slate piece)

Oct. 16 Explainer: How Accurate Is the New Iraqi Death Count? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 13 The Gabfest and the Dear Leader

Oct. 12  Can a Mormon Win the White House? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 12 Explainer: How Do You Adopt a Child in Africa? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 11  Hey Chevy, Leave Rosa Parks Alone! ( Slate piece)

Oct. 11 Explainer: Can Japan Get Nukes? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 10  The Absurdity of Apple Picking ( Slate piece)

Oct. 10 Explainer: Where Do North Koreans Learn English? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 9 North Korea’s Nukes ( Slate piece)

Oct. 9 Explainer: Can I Have a Satellite Radio Show? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 6 The Overly Friendly Gabfest

Oct. 5  Where’s My Jetpack? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 5 Explainer: How Do Planes Avoid Colliding? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 4  How the GOP Can Turn the Page ( Slate piece)

Oct. 4 Explainer: Can the Amish Ride in Helicopters? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 3  Bush’s Fondness for Fart Jokes ( Slate piece)

Oct. 2  King of the Condoms ( Slate piece)

Oct. 2 Explainer: The Case of the Inside-Out Baby ( Slate piece)


Sept. 29 The Gabfest on Political Theater

Sept. 28  The Moochers of Entourage ( Slate piece)

Sept. 27  The Stupid War on Office Perks ( Slate piece)

Sept. 27  Explainer: How to Attach a Prosthetic Flipper ( Slate piece)

Sept. 26 Running With Slowpokes  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 26 Explainer: What’s a Double-Layer Fence? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 25  Explainer: Does Satan Reek of Rotten Eggs?  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 25  Killer Blogs ( Slate piece)

Sept. 22 Slate: The Gabfest Casts Aspersions

Sept. 22 Explainer: How Long Should Scientists Wait Before Publishing Their Research? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 21  Rightsize That Corporate Euphemism!  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 20  Hey, You’re Not Funny! ( Slate piece)

Sept. 20 Explainer: Does Washing Fruits and Vegetables Do Any Good at All? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 19  Does Advertising Work? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 19 Explainer: Is the Pope Infallible? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 18  The Miracle of the Dog Whisperer ( Slate piece)

Sept. 18 Explainer: How Do You Fire an Autoworker? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 15 The Gabfest on Talk Show Morality

Sept. 15 Explainer: What Happens When Animals Get Depressed? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 14  Slate: The 9/11 Photo Mystery Solved ( Slate piece)

Sept. 13  Slate: The Unspeakable ( Slate piece)

Sept. 13 Explainer: When Do Muslims Say, “Allahu Akbar”? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 12  Slate: Big Screen Computing Bliss ( Slate piece)

Sept. 12 Explainer: The Business of Blood ( Slate piece)

Sept. 11 Slate: Drawing 9/11 ( Slate piece)

Sept. 11  Explainer: Why Is Chicago So Corrupt? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 8  Slate: The Gabfest on Docudramatic License

Sept. 8 Explainer: How Much Can a Prisoner Hide in His Butt? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 7  Slate: Five Years On, Are We Safer? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 7 Explainer: 101 101 ( Slate piece)

Sept. 6  Slate: Car Sharing Goes Upscale ( Slate piece)

Sept. 6 Explainer: How Deadly Are Stingrays? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 5 Slate: Are Tall People Smarter?  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 5 Explainer: What Does a Senator Mean by a “Secret Hold”? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 1 The Gabfest Goes Nuclear!

Sept. 1 Explainer: How Do You Convert to Islam? ( Slate piece)



Aug. 30 Explainer: How Can You Tell a Person’s Age? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 29 Explainer: How Much Sleep Are Pilots Supposed To Get? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 28 Explainer: Can My Sub Carry Nukes? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 18 The One-Man Gabfest

Aug. 17  Slate’s Euphemism Contest ( Slate piece)

Aug. 17 Explainer: Can Criminals Hide in Churches? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 16  Is He Too Much Like Bush?   ( Slate piece)

Aug. 16 Explainer: Aren’t All Keys Different? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 15 Bush Gets Existential ( Slate piece)

Aug. 15 Explainer: Twenty-Four Hours in Surgery? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 14 Reassessing Lieberman’s Loss ( Slate piece)

Aug. 14 Explainer: What Are Those Funny Hats Israeli Soldiers Wear? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 11  The Terrorists Keep Coming ( Slate piece)

Aug. 11 Explainer: Can You Drink a Liquid Explosive? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 10  Dead With Ned ( Slate piece)

Aug. 10 Explainer: How Do You Pilot an Unmanned Drone?  ( Slate piece)

Aug. 9 Explainer: Why Does Oil Corrode a Pipeline?   ( Slate piece)

Aug. 8  The Air-Conditioned Nightmare ( Slate piece)

Aug. 8 Explainer: How Do Automotive Crash Tests Work? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 7  Why “Sucks” Rules ( Slate piece)

Aug. 7 Explainer: How Does Heat Kill You? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 4 The Gabfest on the Jewish Afterlife

Aug. 4 Explainer: How To Boycott Mel Gibson ( Slate piece)

Aug. 3 Bad Biker Movies

Aug. 3 Explainer: Is the President Shrinking? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 2  How Vapid Can a Reality Show Get? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 2 Explainer: How’d They Know I Downloaded Meet the Fockers? ( Slate piece)

Aug. 1  Beware of Kiss-and-Tell Bloggers ( Slate piece)

Aug. 1 Explainer: How Drunk Was Mel Gibson? ( Slate piece)


July 31 Mel Gibson’s Misplaced Passion ( Slate piece)

July 31 Explainer: How Do Bogs Keep Things Fresh? ( Slate piece)

July 28 The Gabfest and the Scarlet R

July 27 My Workaholic Dog ( Slate piece)

July 27 Explainer: How Much Will My Ashes Weigh? ( Slate piece)

July 26 Does Acupuncture Really Work? ( Slate piece)

July 26 Explainer: Where Do U.N. Peacekeepers Come From? ( Slate piece)

July 25 Pardon Our Long Tail ( Slate piece)

July 25 Explainer: How Much Is a Butt Double? ( Slate piece)

July 24 You Are How You Camped ( Slate piece)

July 24 Explainer: How Do You Aim a Rocket? ( Slate piece)

July 21 The Gabfest and the S@#! Storm

July 21 Explainer: Is Every Snowflake Different? ( Slate piece)

July 20 The Smartest Way to Say Stupid (A New Listener Contest)

July 19  Slate’s Audio Book Club: “Beloved” by Toni Morrison

July 19 Explainer: How Do You Drop Leaflets From an Airplane? ( Slate piece)

July 18  Hitchens on the Plamegate Home Stretch ( Slate piece)

July 18 Explainer: Why Is Some Smoke White and Other Smoke Black? ( Slate piece)

July 17  Can Mark Warner Beat Hillary? ( Slate piece)

July 17 Explainer: Where Does Israel Get Oil? ( Slate piece)

July 14 The Gabfest on $5.15 Per Hour

July 14 Explainer: Three Pills? I Only Want One! ( Slate piece)

July 13 High Noon on the Crossword Grid ( Slate piece)

July 13 Explainer: When Did Bombay Become Mumbai? ( Slate piece)

July 12 Why Al-Qaida Hates Rotary Clubs ( Slate piece)

July 12 Explainer: How Much of Me Is Burned? ( Slate piece)

July 11  The Head-Butt Seen Round the World ( Slate piece)

July 11 Explainer: How To Head Butt Like a Pro ( Slate piece)

July 10  The Parking Ticket Corruption Test ( Slate piece)

July 10 Explainer: Who Are Those World Cup Kids? ( Slate piece)

July 7  The Gabfest and the Big 6-0 ( Slate piece)

July 7 Explainer: Can’t the Feds Get Ken Lay’s Money? ( Slate piece)

July 6  Do I Want A Google PC? ( Slate piece)

July 6 Explainer: Did Stress Kill Ken Lay? ( Slate piece)

July 5 Superman vs. the Pirates ( Slate piece)

July 5 Explainer: Abu, Ibn, and Bin, Oh My! ( Slate piece)

July 3 Meet the Slatesters

July 3 Explainer: How To Plan a Fireworks Show ( Slate piece)



June 30 The Gabfest on Gitmo

June 30 Explainer: Do Penis Pumps Work? ( Slate piece)

June 29  Loving Lois Lane ( Slate piece)

June 29 Explainer: What’s Up With “Al-“? ( Slate piece)

June 28  Social Anxiety Dissolver ( Slate piece)

June 28 Explainer: Sensitivity Training 101 ( Slate piece)

June 27  Buffett’s Billions ( Slate piece)

June 27 Explainer: Do Commandos Go Commando? ( Slate piece)

June 26 Explainer: What’s That Magic Spray? ( Slate piece)

June 23  Slate’s 10th Birthday Bash (Online Media Symposium)

June 23 Explainer: Can a New Magazine Survive? ( Slate piece)

June 22  Who’s Your Guru? ( Slate piece)

June 22 Explainer: Can Tom Cruise Rent Tokyo? ( Slate piece)

June 21  O’Reilly Among the Snobs ( Slate piece)

June 21 Explainer: What’s the Deal With “Cat Ladies”? ( Slate piece)

June 20  Is George W. Bush Dumb? ( Slate piece)

June 20 Explainer: How Do You Kill a Whale? ( Slate piece)

June 19  Watching the Couples Go By ( Slate piece)

June 19 Explainer: Why Do Approval Polls Have Weird Sample Sizes? ( Slate piece)

June 16  Gabfest Internships For Sale!

June 16 Explainer: Does the World Cup Have a Lingua Franca? ( Slate piece)

June 15 Explainer: Is Helium Dangerous? ( Slate piece)

June 14 Slate’s Audio Book Club: “Everyman” by Philip Roth ( Slate piece)

June 14 Explainer: Are Muslims Allowed To Kill Themselves? ( Slate piece)

June 13 Explainer: How Heavy Is a 500-Pound Bomb? ( Slate piece)

June 13 The Markos Regime ( Slate piece)

June 12 Explainer: Why Do So Many Brazilian Soccer Players Go By One Name? ( Slate piece)

June 12 Is Soccer the New Baseball? ( Slate piece)

June 9 The Gabfest and the 500 Pound Bomb

June 9 Explainer: Why Is HGH So Hard To Detect? ( Slate piece)

June 8  The Gay Panic Button ( Slate piece)

June 8 Explainer: How To Succeed as a Ghostwriter ( Slate piece)

June 7 The Laws of Internet Dating ( Slate piece)

June 7 Explainer: How Hard Is Hard Labor? ( Slate piece)

June 6 Breaking Up By the Book  ( Slate piece)

June 5 Schadenfreude and the Best Seller List  ( Slate piece)

June 5 Explainer: Can I Interest You in a Light-Water Reactor? ( Slate piece)

June 2 The Gabfest and Goldman Sachs

June 2 Explainer: Is Celebrity Body-Part Insurance Just a Publicity Stunt? ( Slate piece)

June 1 A Second Go-Round for Gore? ( Slate piece)

June 1 Explainer: Why Do Pollen Counts Fluctuate? ( Slate piece)



May 31  STDs and the AARP ( Slate piece)

May 31 Explainer: Can I Get Compensation From the FBI? ( Slate piece)

May 30 The Conscience of a Carnivore ( Slate piece)

May 30 Explainer: Why Can’t I Use My Third Arm? ( Slate piece)

May 26 The Gabfest’s Verdict Is In

May 26 Explainer: What’s a Mock Dogfight? ( Slate piece)

May 25 Bad Animal Movies ( Slate piece)

May 24 The Real Pulp Fiction ( Slate piece)

May 24 Explainer: Where Do Animated Characters Come From? ( Slate piece)

May 23 My Gun’s Bigger Than Yours ( Slate piece)

May 23 Explainer: Why Is a Broken Leg So Dangerous for a Horse? ( Slate piece)

May 22 The Brangelina Baby: A Special Report ( Slate piece)

May 19 The Gabfest on Gore

May 19 Explainer: How Do You “Jam” a Phone? ( Slate piece)

May 18 Blogging the Bible ( Slate piece)

May 17 The Return of He-Man ( Slate piece)

May 17 Explainer: Why Are Russian Verdicts So Long? ( Slate piece)

May 16 Behind the Scenes at Today’s Papers ( Slate piece)

May 16 Explainer: What Is “Social Network Analysis”? ( Slate piece)

May 15  Beware the Tanning Police ( Slate piece)

May 12  Eavesdropping on the Gabfest

May 12 Explainer: Is Rapid-Hardening Concrete Dangerous? ( Slate piece)

May 11 Explainer: Where Do Hecklers Come From? ( Slate piece)

May 10  Slate’s Audio Book Club: “Saturday” ( Slate piece)

May 10 Explainer: Do Concerts Sell Out in 10 Minutes? ( Slate piece)

May 9  Why British Theater Rules ( Slate piece)

May 8  A Medical Marijuana How-To ( Slate piece)

May 5  The Star Spangled Gabfest

May 5 Explainer: How Big Is A 10-Alarm Fire? ( Slate piece)

May 4  The Moussaoui Verdict ( Slate piece)

May 4  Explainer: Why Do They Use Three Drugs for Lethal Injections? ( Slate piece)

May 3  The Colbert Revolt ( Slate piece)

May 3 Explainer: How Do You Get a Police Escort? ( Slate piece)

May 2  Junkyards Are Hot ( Slate piece)

May 2 Explainer: Do Gas Boycotts Really Work? ( Slate piece)

May 1  Lip-Sync Heroes ( Slate piece)

May 1 Explainer: What’s With all the Fugitive Arrests? ( Slate piece)



April 28  The Gabfest Lite

April 28 Explainer: Does the Prosecutor Have To Tell Me I’m a Target? ( Slate piece)

April 27  Take My Wives … Please! ( Slate piece)

April 26  Keep Your Stinkin’ Flowers ( Slate piece)

April 26 Explainer: Why Does It Take So Long To Retire From the CIA? ( Slate piece)

April 25  What Are the Feds Smoking? ( Slate piece)

April 25 Explainer: When Will That Volcano Stop Erupting? ( Slate piece)

April 24  The Castrated Cherry Tree ( Slate piece)

April 24 Explainer: Is Rove’s Job Legal? ( Slate piece)

April 21  The Gabfest and the Shakeup

April 21  Explainer: Are the Duke Lacrosse Photos Legit? ( Slate piece)

April 20  Stop Blogging, Start Writing  ( Slate piece)

April 19  O’Reilly vs. Olbermann ( Slate piece)

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April 18 Liberal Intellectuals ( Slate piece)

April 18  In Praise of the Cheap Seats ( Slate piece)

April 18  Explainer: Why Iran Needs So Many Centrifuges ( Slate piece)

April 17  Those Damn Cell Phone Plans ( Slate piece)

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April 14  The Best Language Podcast ( Slate piece)

April 13  Will The Real McCain Please Stand Up? ( Slate piece)

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April 12  The Gabfest Comes Early For Passover ( Slate piece)

April 12  Explainer: I Cheated on My Taxes. Am I Going to Prison?  ( Slate piece)

April 11  English’s Millionth Word? ( Slate piece)

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April 10  Should I Read Marley & Me? ( Slate piece)

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April 7  Scooter vs. W. ( Slate piece)

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April 6  Adventures in Mummysitting ( Slate piece)

April 5 Renaming Body Bags ( Slate piece)

April 5 Explainer: Do Members of Congress Wear Their Official Pins? ( Slate piece)

April 4  When TV Couples Can’t Commit ( Slate piece)

April 4 Explainer: How Dangerous Is Hail? ( Slate piece)

April 3  My Life As A Paparazzo ( Slate piece)

April 3 Explainer: Do Tapeworms Really Make You Hungry? ( Slate piece)



March 31  The Gabfest And The Fake Colloquy ( Slate piece)

March 31 Explainer: Why Do They Club Seals? ( Slate piece)

March 30  Did Bush Get the Memo?   ( Slate piece)

March 30 Explainer: How Do I Get Rid of All This Cocaine? ( Slate piece)

March 29  Scratching Domenech ( Slate piece)

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March 28  Betting Against the Home Team ( Slate piece)

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March 27  Changing Clothes for Fun and Profit ( Slate piece)

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March 24  The Gabfest Needs Some Manners ( Slate piece)

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March 23  Dodging the Draft ( Slate piece)

March 22  Fake Breasts In The Real O.C. ( Slate piece)

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March 21 The Best Magazine You’ve Never Read ( Slate piece)

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March 20 An Insider’s Guide to Trader Joe’s ( Slate piece)

March 17  Mark Warner’s Big Teeth ( Slate piece)

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March 15  The Slate Audio Book Club: The Year of Magical Thinking  ( Slate piece)

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March 13  A Fresh Look At The Conversation ( Slate piece)

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March 10 The Gabfest Looks to 2008

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March 9  Are Housewives Happier? (Slate piece)

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March 3 The Gabfest Redistricts! (Slate piece)

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March 2 Has Wal-Mart Met Its Match? (Slate piece)

March 1 Anna Nicole and the Nine Justices (Slate piece)

March 1 Explainer: How Can Sunnis and Shiites Tell Each Other Apart? ( Slate piece)



Feb. 28 Scooter Libby’s Pledge Drive (Slate piece)

Feb. 28 Explainer: What’s With the Spelling of “Filipino”? (Slate piece)

Feb. 27 Do You Love the 80s? (Slate piece)

Feb. 24 The Gabfest Ponders the Ports

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Feb. 22 Those Amazing Long Ski Jumps (Slate piece)

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Feb. 21 And The Nominees Are…

Feb. 17 The Gabfest Shoots Straight

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Feb. 16 Defending “The Office”  (Slate piece)

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Feb. 15 Full of Holes  (Slate piece)

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Feb. 14 To Snip, Or Not To Snip?  ( Slate piece)

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Feb. 13 The Greatest Legal Show on Earth  ( Slate piece)

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Feb. 10  The Gabfest Winter Games (Slate piece)

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Feb. 3  Help Slate Crown the Worst Picture

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Feb. 2  Mr. Speaker, The Slate Gabfest!

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Jan. 31  Hey Mr. President, Hurry It Up! (Slate piece)

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Jan. 30  Prime Time God (Slate piece)

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Jan. 20  Snowmobile Culture Explained (Slate piece)

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Jan. 17 George Washington for A Day (Slate piece)

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Jan. 13 Samuel Alito’s Blank Slate (Slate piece)

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Jan. 12 Drop Dead, Gorgeous (Slate piece)

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Jan. 3 Explainer: How Do You Steal Gas From a Pipeline? (Slate piece)

Jan. 3 We’re the Gap, Pardon Our Dust (Slate piece)




Dec. 30 The Year in George W. Bush  

Dec. 30 Explainer: What’s in a Plea Agreement? (Slate piece)

Dec. 29 What’s Going On in New Orleans?  (Slate piece)

Dec. 29 Explainer: What Happens on Suicide Watch?  (Slate piece)

Dec. 28 Blaming the Liberal Elite Messenger  (Slate piece)

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Dec. 27 The Narnia Rap, Deconstructed  (Slate piece)

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Dec. 23 Adoption, Kazakh Style, Part 2  (Slate piece)

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Dec. 22 Shortcuts of the Star Chefs  (Slate piece)

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Dec. 21 The War on Christmas, the Prequel  (Slate piece)

Dec. 21 Explainer: When Did Strikes Become Illegal? (Slate piece)

Dec. 20 Adoption, Kazakh Style, Part 1(Slate piece)

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Dec. 19 The Sklars on How To Fix Pro Wrestling  ( Slate piece)

Dec. 19 Explainer: What Happens to Bad Scientists? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 16 Spying Here At Home

Dec. 16 Explainer: Get Your Hands Off My Medal! ( Slate piece)

Dec. 15 Truly Naked Ambition

Dec. 15 Explainer: How Do Muslims See Satan? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 14 Slate Audio Tours: The Memorials on the National Mall (iTunes link)

Dec. 14 Baja for Beginners, Part 2

Dec. 14 Explainer: Do You Wanna Be in My Gang? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 13 Baja for Beginners

Dec. 12 Is Larry David Our Jane Austen?

Dec. 12 Explainer: What’s the “Missing Man” Formation? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 9 Explainer: If You Shoot a Bomb, Will It Explode? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 8 Bush’s Christmas Parties, Part 2 ( Slate piece)

Dec. 8 Explainer: What Happens to Your Social Security Number When You Die? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 7 I’m Dreaming of a White (House) Christmas ( Slate piece)

Dec. 7 Explainer: Take Me to Your Majority Leader ( Slate piece)

Dec. 6 A DVD Series to Leave Behind ( Slate piece)

Dec. 6 Explainer: Is It Safe To Do Sonograms at Home? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 5 Movies So Bad, They’re Good ( Slate piece)

Dec. 5 Explainer: Commode—Toilet or Chest of Drawers? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 2 Political Gabfest ( Slate piece)

Dec. 2 Explainer: Does Oil Really Come in Barrels? ( Slate piece)

Dec. 1 Someone Else’s Book Tour ( Slate piece)

Dec. 1 Explainer: How Does a Governor Grant Clemency? ( Slate piece)



Nov. 30 Beware Drug Companies Bearing Books ( Slate piece)

Nov. 30 Explainer: That’s the Way the Supreme Court Crumbles ( Slate piece)

Nov. 29 So, Do You Sudoku? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 29 Explainer: Can Carbon Clean Up a Polluted River? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 28 The Bicycle Diaries ( Slate piece)

Nov. 28 Explainer: Why Does a White Flag Mean Surrender? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 23 Explainer: What Makes Laptops So Dangerous? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 23 A Katrina Thanksgiving  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 22 Explainer: What’s in the Congressional Record? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 22 Cheney for President! ( Slate piece)

Nov. 21 Explainer: What’s a Senior Administration Official? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 21 The Perfect Podcast for Lecture Hall Listening ( Slate piece)

Nov. 18 Explainer: So, You Wanna Start Your Own Town?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 18 Political Gabfest

Nov. 17 Explainer: A How-To Guide for Soldiers  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 17 The Old College Retry ( Slate piece)

Nov. 16 Can I See That Presidential Paper?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 16 Do Brits or Yanks Love Freedom More? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 15 Explainer: Did Saddam Make Mustaches Compulsory?  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 15 Bush’s New Mantra: I Was Wrong, But So Were You ( Slate piece)

Nov. 14 Explainer: Where’s My Arctic Oil? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 14 Tom Cruise’s First-Date Tips ( Slate piece)

Nov. 11 The Best Bookshop in the World  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 11 Political Gabfest

Nov. 10 The Woman at the Washington Zoo  ( Slate piece)

Nov. 9 He’s Not Home, Officer. Come Right In! ( Slate piece)

Nov. 8 Are Cookies Really Monsters? ( Slate piece)

Nov. 7 Ban the Prom! ( Slate piece)

Nov. 4 Friday Political Gabfest  

Nov. 3 The Death of Rove’s Master Plan ( Slate piece)

Nov. 2 Literally the World’s Most Misused Word ( Slate piece)

Nov. 1 Alito’s Way ( Slate piece)



Oct. 31 I Shouldn’t Be Alive ( Slate piece)

Oct. 28 EXTRA! Libby Scoots!

Oct. 28 Psst! The Abortion Code Has Been Broken ( Slate piece)

Oct. 27 Your Call Is Important to Me ( Slate piece)

Oct. 26 A Slate Writer Goes to War ( Slate piece)

Oct. 25 No, Thank YOU, Ms. Miers!!! ( Slate piece)

Oct. 24 Middlebrow Theatre ( Slate piece)

Oct. 21 How to Beat the NBA’s New Dress Code  ( Slate piece)

Oct. 20 The Supercloners of South Korea ( Slate piece)

Oct. 19 Fake News Finds Its Blowhard ( Slate piece)

Oct. 18 Doubting Darwin in Dover ( Slate piece)

Oct. 17 What Would Bush Do Without His Brain? ( Slate piece)

Oct. 14 Reporters and Apple, Sittin’ in a Tree ( Slate piece)

Oct. 13 Get Your Ice Cold Beer!( Slate piece)

Oct. 12 Fighting the Flu with Kid Power( Slate piece)

Oct. 11 $30K in Rancid Meat, But At Least the Cat Survived ( Slate piece)

Oct. 10 Casting the First Stone at Miers ( Slate piece)

Oct. 7 The LBJ Tapes: A Crony for the Court?

Oct. 7 Get That Dog Off the (Shrink’s) Couch! ( Slate Piece)

Oct. 6 Roy Moore vs. George W. Bush( Slate piece)

Oct. 5 How Amnesia Cured My Depression ( Slate piece)

Oct. 4 Harriet the Sly ( Slate piece)

Oct. 3 God’s Toilet( Slate piece)



Sept. 30 GIANT SQUID! ( Slate piece)

Sept. 29 Are Bogus Trend Stories a Trend? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 28 Gas Guzzler Nation ( Slate piece)

Sept. 27 How Gotti Jr. Beat the Rap  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 26 Documenting Dylan ( Slate piece)

Sept. 23 Tom Joyner, Voice of the Hurricane ( Slate piece)

Sept. 22 Anal Sex: Media Taboo? ( Slate piece)

Sept. 21 Why I Killed My Cat ( Slate piece)

Sept. 20 Orwell’s PR Firm ( Slate piece)

Sept. 19 Golf vs.Tennis  ( Slate piece)

Sept. 15 The Safest Place to Live in America ( Slate piece)

Sept. 15 Roberts’ Rules of Order ( Slate piece)

Sept. 14 John Roberts is So Humble ( Slate piece)

Sept. 13 Leave Snowball Behind ( Slate piece)

Sept. 12 Swiping from Seinfeld ( Slate piece)

Sept. 9 FEMA’s Feeble Chief

Sept. 8 Don’t Help Katrina’s Victims Too Much

Sept. 7 What Does the Chief Justice Do?

Sept. 6 My Year of Hurricanes

Sept. 2 Summary Judgment

Sept. 2 Department of Homeland Screw-Up

Sept. 1  Why New Orleans Was Built in a Bowl


Aug. 31 Robert Parker: The Wino in Winter

Aug. 30 Prozac Inflation

Aug. 29 The Summer Tenants from Hell

Aug. 26 Fed Up with Freelancing

Aug. 25 Part 2 of Should I Move to Amsterdam?

Aug. 24 Should I Move to Amsterdam?

Aug. 23 Surviving a Lightning Strike

Aug. 22 You Call These Founding Fathers?

Aug. 22 Isn’t One Life Sentence Enough?

Aug. 19  Self-Obsession, Hollywood Style

Aug. 18  Crazy for Target

Aug. 17  The White Sox: Baseball’s Forgotten Losers

Aug. 16  John Roberts’ Paper Trail

Aug. 15 What Does Fat Taste Like?

Aug. 12 What’s Wrong With CNN’s New Show

Aug. 11 The Genius of TV Guide

Aug. 10 Does Teaching Evolution Create Atheists?

Aug. 9 The Peter (Jennings) Principle

Aug. 8 When Doves Fly Away

Aug. 7 When Tush Comes to Dove

Aug. 5 Why We Love Ranch Dressing

Aug. 4 Adultery’s Golden Age

Aug. 3  The Waking of the President

Aug. 2 How To Seal a Nuclear Plant

Aug. 1 How I Stopped An Internet Sex Hoax


July 29 Oh no, Salmon Again?

July 28 A More Perfect (Labor) Union?

July 27 Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy?

July 25 How Fat People Could Save American Business

July 22 Battle of the Tattoo Reality Shows

July 21 Among the Believers

July 20 Another 30 years of Rehnquist?

July 19 What’s the Deal With “Cat Ladies”?

July 18 Self-Storage Nation

July 18 The Candy Spies

July 15 To Catch a Thief