The Gabfest on Zarqawi

Slate’s weekly political bull session.

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Each week, Slate’sChief Political Correspondent John Dickerson hosts a little get-together in our D.C. bureau conference room, which we record and make available as an MP3 audio file. It’s a news roundup of sorts, but it’s less like the shows you find each weekend on television and radio than like a lunch with friends (who just happen to be plugged-in journalists).


Over the last few months, the Gabfest has developed a loyal following. Here’s a sampling from some recent e-mails:

“[John Dickerson, Emily Bazelon, and David Plotz] are such a pleasure to listen to, I can barely contain myself as I grin all the way along my train ride with my iPod in tow.”“It’s kind of conversational, definitely young and not too structured. … Your overall strength is the amateur nature of the discussion—that is a compliment.”“The ‘gabfest’ sessions suck. … Get rid of them!”


How did that get in there? Well, as you can see, the Gabfest often sparks the passions of its listeners.

You too can laugh, or shout, along with our panelists, and you don’t need an iPod to do it. Many listeners play the show directly from their computers. Click here * for this week’s episode, which covers the death of Zarqawi, the death of the gay marriage amendment, and the death of productivity across the planet as the World Cup gets under way.

By the way, the Gabfest is available both as a weekly feature of Slate’s daily podcast feed and as a stand-alone podcast.

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