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The Tenant

The New York City Carpenters’ Union—more precisely, its  pension fund—is trying to evict   Hot 97  (WQHT), a hip-hop radio station, from a building it owns just south of the meatpacking district. In a court filing, the Carpenters’ Union alleges that Hot 97’s presence has led to a series of violent incidents, including three shootings. The Carpenters’ Union is also seeking to eject two comparatively peaceable radio stations—KISS-FM (WRKS, R & B) and CD 101.9 (WQCD, jazz)—because they are owned by the same parent company. Last week Hot 97 countersued, seeking damages for breach of contract and complaining that the Carpenters’ Union no longer allows any visitors to the radio station, making it impossible to conduct interviews there.

I’m no expert on real-estate law, but in its court filing, the Carpenters’ Union persuades me that having Hot 97 in the building is extremely stressful for the other tenants. To read the annotations (below, and on succeeding pages), roll your mouse over the portions highlighted in yellow. The complete document can be found here.

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