When Animals Attack: a Filmography

Slate’s bad-movie podcast returns.

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Al Gore’s new movie, An Inconvenient Truth,tells a harrowing tale of how nature can fight back if not treated with the proper respect. Whether or not the documentary boosts Gore’s political fortunes—or the prospects of human survival, for that matter—the former vice president was not the first person to use film to warn of the dire consequences if we humans messed with Mother Nature.


Back in the 1970s, as the ecology movement began opening our smog-stung eyes to the dangers of our polluting ways, a whole subgenre of movies sprang up to address the growing concern. Unfortunately for the planet, these movies were mostly schlocky horror films built around the premise that animals were mad as hell and weren’t going to take our environmental abuse anymore. But the planet’s loss was a big gain for fans of truly awful cinema.

In our latest bad-movie podcast, Mark Jordan Legan takes us on a tour of these abysmal animal-attack films. Click here to download or play the MP3 audio file. But be warned: You’ll never look at bunnies the same way again.

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