SXSW, Meet MP3

Listening to this week’s happenings in Austin.

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For those of you who, like me, wish you were attending this week’s SXSW (that’s the South by Southwest Music and Media Conference) in Austin, Texas, get over it. We’re not there, and no amount of technology is going to make us feel like we are.

However, big conferences and gatherings like SXSW are increasingly offering podcasts to make their events accessible to outsiders. It’s not quite the same as wandering the streets of Austin discovering new bands, but check out this list of downloadable offerings on the SXSW Web site. (This site suggests there are more episodes to come.)

We also have a lively discussion in today’s Slate Gabfest podcast about the pitfalls of politicians appearing on the cover of the New York Times Magazine (as former Virginia Governor Mark Warner discovered this past Sunday).

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