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As the Lobbyist Turns

Slate’s take on the Jack Abramoff scandal.

The New Etiquette of Lobbying: Emily Post, meet Jack Abramoff,” by John Dickerson. Posted Jan. 10, 2006.

Swindlers and Fixers: Which kind of Washington lobbyist is worse?” by Jacob Weisberg. Posted Jan. 11, 2006.

Lobbying and Laziness: It’s not just about greed. It’s about loafing,” by John Dickerson. Posted Jan. 5, 2006.

Who Is Jack Abramoff?: Don’t ask the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board,” by Jack Shafer. Posted Jan. 4, 2006

Plea Bargain With America: If Republicans want to survive Abramoff, they’d better learn to love reform,” by Bruce Reed. Updated Jan. 4, 2006.


Jack Attack: Lobbyist Jack Abramoff sows panic through Washington,” by John Dickerson. Posted Jan. 3, 2006.

Pundit Payola: Money talks. It writes, too,” by Michael Kinsley. Posted Dec. 23, 2005.

Corrupt Intentions: What Cunningham’s misdeeds illustrate about conservative Washington,” by Michael Kinsley. Posted Dec. 2, 2005.


“Bob Ney, Character Witness: Congressmen: the last great bargain in America,” by Timothy Noah. Updated Aug. 15, 2005.

Tom DeLay, Opera Buff: I’m not making this up. I swear,” by Timothy Noah. Posted Aug. 11, 2005.

Caddy Hacks: Golf, the ultimate symbol of Republican corruption,” by Michael Crowley. Posted June 23, 2005. 

We Are All Choctaw: Jack Abramoff, symptom,” by Timothy Noah. Posted June 23, 2005.

Birth of a Catchphrase: Jack Abramoff enriches the language,” by Timothy Noah. Posted June 22, 2005.

Jack Abramoff’s School Days: The making of a sleazeball,” by Timothy Noah. Posted April 27, 2005.

Jack Abramoff: The friend Tom DeLay can’t shake,” by James Harding. Posted April 7, 2005.