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Is Angelina Jolie Pregnant?

Plus, marriage tips from Britney Spears.

Jessica Simpson: Gutsy, brave, admirable. Guess that check cleared.
Days after the New York Daily News reported that Jessica Simpson is going on the PR offensive, the tabs offer rose-colored assessments of her pending divorce from Nick Lachey. OK!, which, incidentally, has a business relationship with the singer, says there was never any infidelity during the marriage and offers this bit of advocacy: “[Nick and Jessica’s] selfless actions [staying together ‘for the sake of their families’] should be admired, as should Jessica’s gutsy decision to do what she knew was right … ‘Jessica was incredibly brave to end things—respect to her,’ says our insider.” InTouch, Life & Style,and Us all report on a tearful get-together between the former Newlyweds at their Calabasas, Calif., mansion on Dec. 16. Only Star sits in the Lachey camp, quoting “a source” who notes, “I think Nick is pissed because he feels betrayed by Jessica and also because he feels like a chump.”

Jamie Foxx hurts Colin Farrell’s feelings.
Star, seeking an explanation for the Irish actor’s recent trip to rehab, says he was partying too much on the set of Miami Vice. The tab quotes a “source” who says, “[Farrell’s] behavior grew so out of control that his Vice co-star, Jamie Foxx—who has his own well-deserved reputation as a hard partyer—’got fed up and told Colin he wasn’t interested in spending any more time with him off-camera. This hurt Colin’s feelings and left him feeling a bit alone.’ ”

Angry, sweaty Vince Vaughn: Dammit, Jen, I’m not a piece of meat!
Star writes that Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston had their first big fight. A “source” says, “Vince blew up with Jen over a lot of stuff: He’s sick of being trailed by reporters, he’s fed up Jen’s fascination with Brad [Pitt] and Angelina [Jolie]—he even accused Jen of using him as a sex object. He was angry, sweating and raising his voice.” OK! gets on the trouble-in-Vaughnistonadise bandwagon, with a dubious story noting that “Jen and Vince were chemistry-free” at “a recent celeb-studded party in L.A.”

Britney lays down the law.
All the tabs report that after recently kicking out her husband, aspiring rapper Kevin Federline, Britney Spears has let him back into her house. But there were guidelines: Us says he had to quit smoking; Star says, “Kevin had to curb his partying (down to a monkish one night a week), agree to attend couple’s counseling with Brit, and, if his struggling music career doesn’t catch on within six months, give it up.” The tabloids also run pictures of Federline’s Ferrari, which has custom rims emblazoned with the word “Federline”—styled like the “Ferrari” logo. “‘Once Britney took away his beloved Ferrari,’ a source tells Star, ‘suddenly therapy didn’t seem like such a stupid idea to him.’ “

Is Angelina Jolie pregnant?
Life & Style thinks so: “Her body has changed so much since late September, when [The Good Shepherd] wrapped,’ an on-set insider tell Life & Style, ‘that her wardrobe had to be refitted to give her extra room in the tummy area. Several dresses had to be altered.” The Enquirer jumps in as well, quoting “an insider” saying, “Angelina is a little over two months pregnant and glowing.” Meanwhile, InTouch is still hung up on a potential wedding, offering only the testimony of a Cartier employee who says, “Brad spent a lot of time looking at vintage diamond engagement rings,” and “He seems to have very particular taste.”

Charlie Sheen’s vacation.
All the tabloids report on Charlie Sheen’s recent Barbados vacation with his semi-estranged wife Denise Richards; the trip was widely interpreted as another effort to get back in her good graces. Star and Life & Style say the trip worked out: “Charlie Sheen’s efforts to woo his way back into Denise Richards’ heart have paid off,” declares Life & Style. Not so fast, says L & S’s corporate sibling, InTouch, which says, “They hoped [the trip] would help them rekindle their romance. Instead, it drove them further apart.” The tab says Sheen watched TV in his room and played golf, leaving “an insider” to conclude, “Denise wants to be romanced and Charlie just doesn’t get it.”

Paris Hilton cleans up.
Star reports that Paris Hilton “was photographed going into The Total Health Connection Inc. in Beverly Hills, a colon elimination center that specializes in ‘good elimination,’ among other things.” The tab has it from “a source” that “Paris stayed 45 minutes and then happily bounced back to her car with a big smile on her face.”