Slate’s Podcast Roundup

Plus: a new political chat show for Slate fans.

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In place of my Pod Pick of the Week this week, please accept a little shameless self-promotion: On today’s Slate podcast feed, you’ll find a discussion among the writers in our Washington D.C. office about the week in politics. You know, it’s like those shows on cable TV and public radio, except it’s much more … Slatey, as we like to say. John Dickerson is your ringmaster, and he’s joined this week by David Plotz, William Saletan, and Jack Shafer. Let us know what you think.


As for next week’s Pod Pick, I’m hoping to enlist your help. I’m intrigued by all the university lecture podcasts I’ve seen popping up on iTunes and Yahoo in the last few weeks. There are so many, I can’t possibly listen to them all. So, do you have a favorite university lecture podcast? Help me audit the classes and recommend some of the best—ones that won’t put the rest of us to sleep. To get you started, here are a few of the feeds I’ve discovered, although I’m sure there are many more:


Allegheny College
Buffalo State
Harvard Computer Science
Stanford on iTunes (iTunes only)
UCTV (University of California)

One note: Please don’t recommend your own educational podcasts (self-promotion is limited to the author in this space). I’m looking for objective user reviews. Send your class notes to podcasts@slate.com.

And in case you missed any of Slate’s podcasts this week, they were literally the best ever produced!

Nov. 4: Friday Political Gabfest  
Nov. 3: The Death of Rove’s Master Plan ( Slate piece)
Nov. 2: Literally the World’s Most Misused Word ( Slate piece)
Nov. 1: Alito’s Way ( Slate piece)
Oct. 31: I Shouldn’t Be Alive ( Slatepiece)