The Contest

Name the Nobel Prize Winners

Is that Faulkner’s nostril? Carter’s ear?

Earlier this month, Slate asked its readers to do their best detective work and match up 16 previous Nobel Prize winners with photos of their distinguished features. Unfortunately, no one guessed all 16 correctly, but Slate tips its hat to Nick Ariniello and Neely Shah for guessing 14 out of the 16. Thanks to everyone who participated. The answers are posted below.

  1. Henry Kissinger
  2. Derek Walcott
  3. Teddy Roosevelt
  4. Yasser Arafat
  5. Mikhail Gorbachev
  6. Le Duc Tho
  7. Toni Morrison
  8. Martin Luther King
  9. Winston Churchill
  10. Nelson Mandela
  11. Marie Curie
  12. Nadine Gordimer
  13. Sir VS Naipaul
  14. Albert Einstein
  15. Alexander Solzhenitsyn
  16. Mother Teresa