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Coldplay Needs Fresh Socks

The best of backstage demands at the Video Music Awards, and more from this week’s tabloids.

Coldplay needs fresh socks; 50 needs fresh condoms.
In Touch has an exclusive on stars’ backstage demands at the Video Music Awards. The best requests? Sean “Diddy” Combs needed six tuberose-scented candles and four bottles of Hypnotiq; Shakira wanted mangoes, Hawaiian papaya, and bananas; Coldplay asked for four pairs of dark cotton socks and two pairs of black stretch boxers; and 50 Cent got a case of his Formula 50 vitamin water and two boxes of Lifestyles and Rough Rider condoms.


Jennifer Aniston cuddles in public with Vince Vaughn. The pair were sighted together at a concert in Chicago; per Star,”an eyewitness claims, ‘They were totally making out. They could not have looked more together.’ “Star has the pair heading to her hotel room afterward holding hands; Us has a description of them leaving the room the following afternoon. Us, which quoted multiple sources last week saying that the two were not dating, stands its ground. ” ‘It was totally out of the blue,’ says a source.”Star repeats its obscure claim that the two previously “hooked up at least twice.Life & Style totally misses the Vaughn story, instead picking up where last week’s In Touch left off, deep within Aniston’s troubled psyche. “Jen never expected to feel this way, like her world was crashing down around her,” writes the magazine.

The National Enquirer

Colin Farrell covers his bases. The Enquirer reports that Farrell, who recently blocked the release of a sex tape starring him and Playboy model Nicole Narain, has hired “a top-flight private eye to track down two other cuties he allegedly costarred with in hanky-panky vids!” in an effort to strike “amicable agreements” before they think of selling the tapes. But Farrell is still interested in documenting the important moments; Us files from a Miami Video Music Awards party: “Upon seeing fellow reveler O.J. Simpson, [Farrell] rushes over to take a picture with him.”

Hot new gross trend: Walking around barefoot.
“Suddenly, everyone’s walking around barefoot in public. Ick!” reports In Touch. Among the shoeless stars: Debra Messing, Joss Stone, as well asSienna Miller and Nicole Ritchie, both of whom landed in the top five on Us’ list of chicest celebs.

Jennifer Garner craves lemon curd.
“An insider” tells In Touch that the pregnant Alias star has been sending husband Ben Affleck out on late-night food runs to satisfy her eccentric cravings, including “rye bread smothered in lemon curd, olive pizza, doughnuts and even dried papaya dipped in Dijon mustard!”

Oprah Winfrey unswayed by Tom Cruise.
Life & Style reports that Cruise is trying to convert Oprah to Scientology, but that it’s not taking. ” ‘She listens politely to Tom,’ says a source, ‘but she’s not impressed by the belief that aliens came to Earth to unleash evil spirits that inhabit our minds and that Scientology is the only way to get rid of them.’” Meanwhile, In Touch reports that Oprah’s forever-fiancé, Stedman Graham, was conspicuously absent from the million-dollar Bahamas wedding the talk-show host threw for her niece. But Star says that he did attend.

In Touch’s breaking news is no news.
“Breaking News: WHO’S PREGNANT? The real story behind J. Lo & Jessica’s baby rumors” screams In Touch’s cover. The real story? Despite rumors, Jessica Simpson is definitely not pregnant. As for Jennifer Lopez, she may be pregnant—or she may not be. The closest thing to breaking news? “[W]hen the day comes, it’ll be [Lopez’s] longtime dream come true.”

OK! marches on.
The British import’s cover asks: “Angelina’s New Guy: Guess Who?” But all they have are pictures of her with Matt Damon, her onscreen husband in an upcoming movie. Inside, the magazine, which has a celebrity-friendly policy of allowing subjects to approve their photos and articles, asks cover girl Hilary Duff the following questions: “With all of your success, how do you manage to stay so grounded?” and “You seem to have grown into a healthy, svelte young woman.”