John G. Roberts Jr.

Slateon Bush’s nominee for chief justice.

Double Trouble: Now what happens to the court?” by Emily Bazelon. Posted Sep 4, 2005.

Humble Fie: Why does John Roberts hate courts so much?” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Sep 2, 2005.

What’s Comparable Worth? Why John Roberts railed against ‘equal pay for equal value,’ ” by Daniel Engber. Posted Aug 22, 2005.

John Roberts’ Woman Problem: The humorless feminists strike again,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Aug 19, 2005.

Improper Advances: Talking dream jobs with the judge out of court,” by Stephen Gillers, David J. Luban, and Steven Lubet. Posted Aug 17, 2005.


The Manchurian Candidate? Liberal love for John Roberts,” by Emily Bazelon. Posted Aug 16, 2005.

Goody Two Shoes: John Roberts is too nice to be crazy,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Aug 26, 2005.

Friendly Fire: How John Roberts differs from his hero and mentor,” by Robert Gordon. Posted  Aug 11, 2005.


Keeping Up Appearances: Justice isn’t all that’s blind,” by Bruce Reed. Posted Aug 8, 2005.

Ivory Powers: Let’s stop bashing ‘out-of-touch’ judges,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Aug 5, 2005.

Catholic Justice: Quit tiptoeing around John Roberts’ faith,” by Christopher Hitchens. Posted Aug 1, 2005.

How To Invest Like a Supreme Court Justice: What John Roberts’ portfolio reveals about his character,” by Henry Blodget. Posted July 26, 2005.


Roberts Reviewed: A detective story,” by Viet Dinh, Dahlia Lithwick, and Cliff Sloan. Posted July 20-22, 2005.

Roberts Nickname Contest Results!: What Bush will call his Supreme Court nominee,” by Timothy Noah. Posted July 27, 2005.

Answer the Question, Judge!: Scalia explains why Roberts should speak freely at his confirmation hearings,” by Emily Bazelon. Posted July 26, 2005.

Mr. Justice Junior: The new Supreme Court nominee has the same name as his father and his son. Is that a problem?” by Timothy Noah. Posted July 20, 2005.

Thank You, Mr. President: Last week, John Roberts wrote Bush a blank check,” by Emily Bazelon. Posted July 19, 2005.

The Front-Runners on Roe: What Bush’s shortlist thinks about abortion,” by Emily Bazelon. Posted July 5, 2005.

The Supreme Court Shortlist: The views of the likely candidates,” by Emily Bazelon and David Newman. Posted July 1, 2005.

Talk About Your Overrated Job: Why would anybody want to be chief justice?” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Nov. 16, 2004.

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