Podcast Roundup

Giving voice to some of Slate’s best stories.

Last week, I asked for your suggestions about which podcasts (aside from our own, of course) you thought would appeal to your fellow Slate pod-sumers. Many of you wrote in with suggested feeds. I received so many, in fact, that I haven’t yet had time to listen to them all during this hectic news week.

I’ll get you that list next week. In the meantime, you might be interested to know that NPR (finally) jumped into podcasting this week. It isn’t offering entire NPR shows, but it is making available compilations such as book interviews and each day’s most e-mailed stories, as well as popular features like Will Shortz’s weekly audio puzzle. Included in the content are segments from Day to Day, the NPR show to which Slate contributes daily. (And don’t forget one of my personal favorites, On the Media from NPR and WNYC.)

Plus, NPR has rounded up more than 100 podcast feeds from other public radio stations and networks. They’re all in one place  right here. (You can also find all the feeds in iTunes.)

And in case you missed any recent Slate podcasts, check out this week’s stories (below), or visit our archive if you’d like to fill up your iPod for the long holiday weekend.

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8/31 Robert Parker: The Wino in Winter
8/30 Prozac Inflation
8/29 The Summer Tenants from Hell

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