Presidential Speech Contest Winners, Part 2

More Slate reader predictions.

The White House has announced that the president will speak to the nation this evening from Jackson Square. That means our winner from yesterday is also our winner today. Dee Dee Myers made the best case for where Bush should speak and correctly predicted, along with a several others, where he will speak. She should do this for a living.

The president will speak alone, without the backdrop of firefighters or rescue workers to highlight the government response or evacuees to remind of the lack of same. The White House chose the same lone-man posture for the president’s remarks on the first anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks, positioning him in front of the Statue of Liberty. Standing alone tonight is meant to reinforce the notion that he is taking the responsibility but also that he has the plan and is showing leadership.

Herewith a few other choice predictions about the speech location:

Best other Jackson Square answer: Kevin E. Collins
He probably will give his address from Jackson Square. A bucolic setting that is relatively untouched by the hurricane. It’s emblematic of the city and as such provides a secular image, but with St. Louis Cathedral unobtrusively lingering in the rear left of the frame it would allow for one to project a religious theme into the mix if one was so inclined.

Best spin: Mat Fay
At Coast Guard Station New Orleans, wearing a Coast Guard jacket, wearing a Coast Guard hat, waving a Coast Guard flag, standing in front of two Coast Guard helicopters and talking about the one agency in DHS that worked.

Most creative use of local scenery: Tammy Gordon
The airport. Its transition from medical triage and military HQ to reopening for civilian use can be used as a progress metaphor. Plus it’s an easily controllable environment that you can secure and get in and out of quickly.