Podcast Roundup

Giving voice to some of Slate’s best articles.

We’ve heard from a number of the subscribers to our new daily podcasts about where they listen to the portable audio version of Slate. And the winner so far is … the gym. Who knew we had such a healthy audience?

But in case you’re desk-bound and can’t subscribe to our gym-ready podcast feed, you can always click on any of the links below to listen to (or download) the MP3 file:

Aug. 12: What’s Wrong With CNN’s New Show

Aug. 11: The Genius of TV Guide

Aug. 10: Does Teaching Evolution Create Atheists?

Aug. 9: The Peter (Jennings) Principle and When Doves Fly Away

Aug. 8: When Tush Comes to Dove

Aug. 5: Why We Love Ranch Dressing

Aug. 4: Adultery’s Golden Age

Aug. 3: The Waking of the President

Aug. 2: How To Seal a Nuclear Plant

Aug. 1: How I Stopped An Internet Sex Hoax

July Podcasts

July 29: Oh No, Salmon Again?

July 28: A More Perfect (Labor) Union?

July 27: Does Daylight Saving Time Really Save Energy?July 25: How Fat People Could Save American Business

July 22: Battle of the Tattoo Reality ShowsJuly 21: Among the Believers

July 20: Another 30 years of Rehnquist?

July 19: What’s the Deal With “Cat Ladies”?

July 18: Self-Storage Nation and  The Candy Spies

July 15: To Catch a Thief

And if you want to be part of our informal focus group (sorry, no doughnuts), let us know where you like to consume our mini books-on-tape: podcasts@slate.com.