Podcast Roundup

Giving voice to some of Slate’s best articles.

I know podcasting isn’t a competition. There’s room out there for all of us, from the guys who talk about Harry Potter in their living room to a tiny operation like Slate’s, all the way up to ESPN and the BBC.

But if there’s one person in the world who doesn’t have any trouble getting noticed, it’s the president of the United States. And yet as I write, the podcast of George W. Bush’s weekly radio address has overtaken Slate’s on iTunes’ Top 100 list.

So cast your vote for Slate: Subscribe to our iTunes podcast feed so we can overtake the White House feed. Nothing personal, Mr. President, but after all, you can commandeer an hour of prime time whenever you want.

In case you missed this week’s podcasts, click on any of the links below to download or play them. Or check out this archive of all our past podcasts.

Aug. 19:  Self-Obsession, Hollywood Style
Aug. 18:
Crazy for Target
Aug. 17: 
The White Sox: Baseball’s Forgotten Losers
Aug. 16 
John Roberts’ Paper Trail
Aug. 15:
What Does Fat Taste Like?

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