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The ANWR Is Yes

Today, bloggers are discussing the Senate’s support for oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. They are also talking about Irish separatist leader Gerry Adams, who wasn’t invited to the White House for St. Patrick’s Day, and questioning news of a coup in Syria.

The ANWR is yes: Yesterday, the Senate brought President Bush’s plan to allow oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge one step closer to reality. “The Senate has voted, 51 to 49, to trample upon the last great American wilderness. All for the purpose of making a handful of wealthy corporations, and the people who control them, even wealthier. … It sickens me to the core,” writesWhimmydiddle’s Wade Franklin, who indignantly posts a striking picture of the pristine Alaskan land. Conservative Barking Moonbat Early Warning System’s Vilmar retorts with some exceedingly dreary pictures of the same area. Right-inclined American Scribbles rejoices: “Yeah! It’s about time this passed! It’s good for the country, but it’s also good for Alaska, who I might add, support this proposal.”

“We probably need a couple of days to mourn, but then it’s more than ever organization time. The obvious next target is the gas and coal industry, to inform them that if they thought the Valdez spill was a PR nightmare, they can’t imagine what we’re prepared to do, within the law, to blacken their reputation if they bid on any leases, up to including organizing a human barrier ready to meet their heavy equipment when they try to exercise their so-called right to drill in ANWR,” fulminatesCorrente’s Leah. Democratic blog Third Estate calls the Senate vote a “disaster,” but believes that “Democrats can now effectively label the enemy as anti-environmental and in hock to corporate America, providing we explain the issue properly.” Conservative high school student Young Pundit disagrees: “It’s about time drilling in ANWR got opened up, it’s what we need to do to reduce dependence on forgien oil. I for one have not bought into all the ‘enviromental concerns’…in the end, most of it is a desolate wasteland with nothing.”

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Greenblogs:For the first time in 10 years, Gerry Adams, the leader of Sinn Fein, the political wing of the separatist Irish Republican Army, hasn’t been invited to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the White House. (The IRA has recently been accused of disemboweling a man and taking part in a massive bank robbery. A Slate “Foreigners” column discusses the details here.) “Bush won’t let Gerry the Mick Terrorist Spokesman stink up Washington despite a 10-year armistice, but he’s inviting Mahmoud ‘I will not disarm the terrorists’ Abbas to the White House later this month,” grumbles This Blog is Full of Crap’s Laurence Simon, a “technical support drone.” Right-wing skipper Captain Ed writes, “Sticking money in [Sinn Fein’s] pockets amounts to the same thing as donating to Hamas and Hezbollah. We Americans of Irish descent need to remember that when the stirring anthems of Irish freedom start playing and the Guinness begins to flow.” And conservative Bad Hair Blog’s Fausta announces that it’s “time to celebrate the courage” of the murdered man’s fiancée and his five sisters, who have spoken out against the IRA. On Venezuelan blog VCrisis, Aleksander Boyd compares Gerry Adams to Hugo Chavez.

Liberal Rox Populi’sRoxanne links to random Irish bloggers. Staten Island blogger Jenn See at Following My Fish writes, “Whilst we’re getting shitfaced on this fine spring day, let’s not forget that what we’re actually celebrating is Saint Patrick chasing the serpents (er, Catholics) out of Ireland, a high point in the island’s endless religious conflict. Yay!” Christian blog Pinakidion analyzes the saint’s writings and concludes, “The fact that St. Patrick is revered in Ireland and abroad gives testimony to the life he lead. He made a difference.” Commenting on Kiddleedivytoo, a Dallas English teacher’s blog, commentator Robert says, “As an American mutt, I feel that it’s my responsibility to lay claim to every culture as long as there’s a drinking holiday involved. I’m Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, Mexican on Cinco De Mayo, and Catholic during Mardi Gras. Is that even right?” Forgoing blogosphere favorites like “Lake Isle of Innisfree” and “To Ireland in the Coming Times,” knitting blog River Knits Mountain Purls links to Yeats’ poem “Galway Shawl” because it “seemed more woolly-like.”

Read more about Gerry Adams’ visit, and about St. Patrick’s Day.

Decouped:Bush doctrinist Publius Pundit denies the Lebanese Foundation for Peace’s claim that there was a coup in Syria last night. Publius posts an e-mail from Joshua Landis, a Fulbright Scholar in Damascus, who writes, “Someone has a rich imagination. All is normal here as far as I can tell. Sunny spring day and everyone is bustling about happily. The military attaché at the US embassy just emailed me about what he should wear to dinner tonight - casual or formal? Didn’t suggest bullet proof vest, so I assume all is normal.” Conservative blog Brainpost writes, “At least we know how fast postings and reports can be corrected. The Blogosphere doesn’t have to wait till tomorrow to withdrawal it’s statements and post a correction on page 14B.”

Read more about the rumors of a coup in Syria.

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