Terri Schiavo, Dec. 3, 1963-March 31, 2005

Slate’s take on her life and death.

Terri Schiavo died this morning, ending the battle between her parents and her husband over whether to prolong her life. Slate contributors have weighed in on the legal, ethical, and medical aspects of the Schiavo case in a number of articles. Here they are.

Judge Dread: The judiciary may end up the big losers in the Schiavo mess,” by Bert Brandenburg. Posted March 29, 2005.

Imagine Terri Were a Toaster …: An economist considers the Schiavo case,” by Steven E. Landsburg. Posted March 28, 2005.

Deathbed Conversion: The lesson of Tom DeLay’s mortal hypocrisy,” by William Saletan.  Posted March 28, 2005.

Easter Charade: There’s no resurrecting Terri Schiavo,” by Christopher Hitchens. Posted March 28, 2005.

How Do Feeding Tubes Work? The ins and outs of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy,” by Daniel Engber. Posted March 23, 2005.

Till Death—or Tom DeLay—Do Us Part: The ‘sanctity of marriage’ is suddenly negotiable,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted March 23, 2005.

Religious Liberty: Divorce, suicide, and the Schiavo case,” by William Saletan. Posted March 23, 2005.

Not Dead at All: Why Congress was right to stick up for Terri Schiavo,” by Harriet McBryde Johnson. Posted March 23, 2005.

Culture Vultures: Terri Schiavo’s persistent legislative state,” by William Saletan. Posted March 21, 2005.

Activist Legislators: The boundless overreaching behind Congress’ new Schiavo bill,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted March 21, 2005.

The Terri Schiavo Roundup: Who’s paying for her care, how long can she live without food, and what’s with the bill written just for her?” by Daniel Engber. Posted March 18, 2005.

How To Talk When You Can’t Speak: Communicating with unconscious minds,” by Clive Thompson. Posted Feb. 10, 2005.

Till Death Do Us Part: Why spouses get the final say in coma cases,” by Dahlia Lithwick. Posted Oct. 23, 2003.