Committee Of Correspondence

Advice for Dole

Herb Stein
12:00 p.m.  Friday  7/26/96
Many people who would like to see Bob Dole elected president of the United States are expressing dissatisfaction with the message that he is presenting in this campaign. Some think that he is not presenting any message at all–which often means that he is not presenting their message. The question of what message Bob Dole should offer has two meanings. One is what message he should present in order to have the best chance of getting elected. The other is what message will give the American people the most accurate sense of what he would do if elected. One way of asking the second question is what message he should present during the campaign that will cause him the least embarrassment later after he is elected. This week four observant and thoughtful people will discuss what Mr. Dole should do, say, or be or whatever. I am not going to try to define the question further, but want their imagination and inventiveness to roam freely. Perhaps someone will say, “Let Dole be Dole!” Our panelists are:
  • Robert Bartley, editor and vice president of the Wall Street Journal.
  • Christopher DeMuth, president of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.
  • Gov. Frank Keating, Republican of Oklahoma.
  • Mary Matalin, political talk show host for CNBC and CBS Radio.