“The space of the chair prepares the reader.’

What are the aesthetic and poetic aspects of the telecommunication experience?

The immateriality of the material, water, offers a metaphorical reversal–the abstract digital space of the Web made physical. The reader sits in an impossible chair of water, slanted to defy gravity. The digital medium givesus unlimited potential to create abstract spatial tools. Subliminal physical environments emerge.

The Web gains new members with the launch of SLATE. With the exponential growth of data on the Web, sources like SLATE filter, criticize, and make new demands on the arriving information-pollution. Calm and soothing, the space of the chair prepares the reader to negotiate the Web. Entry point: SLATE

Steven Gomez Dean is a designer attempting to commingle the virtual and the real. As a graduate student in furniture design at the Rhode Island School of Design, he co-directed (with Todd Winkler of Brown University) a festival of art and technology, Pong ‘95 and Pong ‘96 , which served as a meeting ground for over 40 artists from around the world who, like him, are using computers to reshape art and design.