Why Americans Hate Democrats—A Dialogue

Depressed liberals analyze what ails them.

The day after the election, Slate’s political writers tackled the question of why the Democratic Party—which has now lost five of the past seven presidential elections and solidified its minority status in Congress—keeps losing elections. In response to those pieces, Slate also asked a number of wise liberals to take up the question of why Americans won’t vote for the Democrats.

Why Kerry Lost: He was good. Bush was better,” by Christopher Suellentrop, posted Nov. 3.


Democratic Values: How to start winning the red states,” by William Saletan, posted Nov. 3.

Whither Liberalism? Again? Here comes the usual bad advice,” by Timothy Noah, posted Nov. 3.

Moralize, Liberally,” by Robert Wright, posted Nov. 4.

Gotta Have Faith,” by Robert Reich, posted Nov. 4.

More Policy Plans, Please,” by Jason Furman, posted Nov. 4.


The Unteachable Ignorance of the Red States,” by Jane Smiley, posted Nov. 4.

The Party’s Message Is Low Risk, Low Reward,” by Tom Tomorrow, posted Nov. 4.

The Indomitable Question That Plagues Liberals,” by Katha Pollitt, posted Nov. 5.

Let’s Talk About Faith,” by Steven Waldman, posted Nov. 5.

Maybe It’s Not As Bad As We Think,” by Walter Dellinger, posted Nov. 5.

Morality Is the New ‘Race,’ ” by Diane McWhorter, posted Nov. 5.

Tapping Into the ‘Obama’ Factor,” by Donna Brazile, posted Nov. 5.

The Fight for the Middle,” by Bruce Reed, posted Nov. 8.

To Win, You Have To Fight,” by Laura Kipnis, posted Nov. 8.

Forget Starbucks—head to Wal-Mart instead,” by Hank Sheinkopf, posted Nov. 8.