Left Behind

How Jeffrey Goldberg learns he’s not the Antichrist.

Tomorrow, Glorious Appearing: The End of Days, the final installment of the stunningly best-selling “Left Behind” series of prophetic Christian books, goes on sale at bookstores around the country. In a November 1999 article, Jeffrey Goldberg discussed the “Left Behind” phenomenon, Judaism, and the Antichrist with series creator and co-author Tim LaHaye and Reverend Jerry Falwell. “The notable thing for me about the ‘Left Behind’ series—beside the fact that few in the secular media have noticed that millions of Americans are busy reading books warning about the imminence of one-world government, mass death, and the return of the Messiah, is that all the Jewish characters are Christian. LaHaye and Jenkins are both active participants in the absurd and feverish campaign by some evangelical Christians to redefine Judaism in a way that allows for belief in Jesus.”