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Ralph’s record

On Sunday, Ralph Nader outlined the agenda of his independent presidential campaign on Meet the Press. Meanwhile, John Kerry and John Edwards outlined their agendas on This Week. Nader said he was running to offer voters a real choice in 2004. With that in mind, here are the positions Nader articulated Sunday, compared to the positions articulated by Kerry and Edwards and the positions taken by the Bush administration and the Bush campaign. Happy choosing.

Get U.N. into Iraq, hold elections, provide humanitarian aid
Stand up to giant corporations that have “no allegiance” to U.S.   Seek “health insurance for everyone”   Demand “health and safety standards” for workers   Patriot Act violates civil liberties  “Brag … about bringing Social Security and Medicare” to U.S.   Focus on reducing oil dependence through alternative energy     Focus on combating “environmental devastation”     Focus on combating “massive poverty”     Focus on combating “massive consumer debt”     Get rid of Bush tax cuts for the wealthy   Get rid of Bush tax cuts for the middle class       Create “massive job-producing public works” programs       Gore would have invaded Iraq (though he said he wouldn’t)      “We have no major enemy left in the world”      “Democrats are caving into these corporations”