Ballot Box

Senator, Have You No Shame?

John Kerry attacks Howard Dean from both sides.

Dean Supported War Resolution. … Until recently, Dean has been able to pull the wool over the eyes of voters in New Hampshire, Iowa and across the nation on his position on the war. The facts are now clear: Dean supported giving the President the authority to go to war. Only when he determined it to be politically advantageous, did he take an anti-war stance.”—John Kerry campaign “media alert,” Dec. 12, the day before Saddam Hussein was captured

“Governor Dean and some other people didn’t even think it was great. They didn’t even know that it was good to get rid of Saddam Hussein. … I personally have said all along that saying ‘no’ is not a policy. And Howard Dean has only basically been saying ‘no’ and been angry about the war.”—John Kerry, Fox News Sunday, Dec. 14, the day after Saddam Hussein was captured