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Campaign 2004 Field Guide

Slate is running several series of short features explaining who the 2004 presidential candidates are, what they’re saying, and where they propose to take the country. Here is a compilation, candidate-by-candidate, of what’s been published so far. The first series, profiles of the candidates, summarizes the personal and professional background of each. The second series analyzed their buzzwords. The agenda series outlines what each candidate would do as president. The worldview series sketches how they would manage America’s role in the world. The best moment series assesses the story that supposedly shows each candidate at his or her best. Flip-flops gives examples of how candidates may have changed opinions on some key issues. And gaffes shows low points in each candidate’s campaign so far.


You can listen to William Saletan analyze the candidates’ buzzwords on Day to Day, an NPR show produced in collaboration with Slate.

George W. Bush

John Kerry

Dennis Kucinich

Al Sharpton


John Edwards (Dropped out, March 3, 2004)

Howard Dean (Dropped out, Feb. 18, 2004)Wesley Clark (Dropped out, Feb. 11, 2004)

Joe Lieberman (Dropped out, Feb. 4, 2004)

Richard Gephardt (Dropped out, Jan. 20, 2004)

Carol Moseley Braun (Dropped out, Jan. 15, 2004)

Bob Graham (Dropped out, Oct. 6, 2003)