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Day to Day is a one-hour weekday newsmagazine produced by National Public Radio in collaboration with Slate. Hosted by NPR’s Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand, Day to Day covers the news, entertainment, politics, the arts, and much more. Slate’swriters and editorsincluding Dahlia Lithwick, John Dickerson, and Seth Stevenson contribute regularly to the program. You can also check this searchable NPR Web site to find out whether your local station plays Day to Day.

About the Hosts
Day to Day’s Alex Chadwick has been an NPR host and correspondent for more than 20 years. He joined NPR in 1977 as host and producer of NPR’s morning news service. He was part of the team that developed Morning Edition and served as a feature writer and substitute host for the program for many years. His work at NPR includes stints reporting for and hosting the evening news program All Things Considered as well as Weekend Edition. He is also the host and chief writer for Radio Expeditions, a series of award-winning radio specials co-produced by NPR and the National Geographic Society. Chadwick lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Radio Expeditions executive producer Carolyn Jensen.

Before joining Day to Day, Madeleine Brand was a correspondent/back-up host for NPR’s Morning Edition. She has also worked at various public radio stations in cities across the country, including San Francisco, Boston, Newark, and Buffalo. She taught radio documentary at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, her alma mater. She has a bachelor’s in English from the University of California, Berkeley. A native Angeleno, Madeleine hasn’t lived on the West Coast since college. Living and working in L.A. now, Madeleine likes to pretend she’s still a New Yorker, wearing black in 80 degree weather and hailing taxi cabs by the side of the 110 freeway. She still hasn’t caught one.

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Use this searchable NPR Web site to find out whether your local station plays Day to Day.

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