Whopper of the Week: Billy Bulger

The Massachusetts Senate president omits to tell his fugitive brother to turn himself in, and makes no effort to do it himself.

“I have not aided James Bulger in any way while he has been a fugitive.”
Former Massachusetts Senate president and current University of Massachusetts President William “Billy” Bulger, testifying before a House committee June 19 about his on-the-lam mobster brother, James “Whitey” Bulger

“I had one very brief telephone conversation with my brother. It occurred in 1995. … The subject of my brother turning himself in never came up.”
Ibid(Note: Bulger was Massachusetts Senate president at the time.)


“Q: OK, your brother broke the law and you were a public official. Did you go to the authorities to say that you had been contacted?
“A: I told my attorney almost right away.
“Q:Did you go to the officials?
“A: No.”
Exchange at the same hearing between Rep. Christopher Shays, R.-Conn., and Bulger


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