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Profile: Dennis Kucinich

Last week, Slate began a series of short features explaining who the 2004 presidential candidates are, what they’ve said and done, and where they propose to take the country. The first installment summarizes each candidate’s personal and professional background. Today’s subject is Dennis Kucinich.

Dennis John Kucinich   

Web site:

Age: 56 (born Oct. 8, 1946).

Highest grade completed: Master of arts in communications (1973).

Political experience: councilman, Cleveland (1969-1973, 1983); clerk of courts, Cleveland (1975); mayor, Cleveland (1977-1979); state senator, Ohio (1995-1996); congressman, Ohio (1997-present).

Asserted achievements: Refused to sell off Cleveland’s city-run power plant while mayor; co-chair of Congressional Progressive Caucus; saved a provision of Clean Air Act.

Previous jobs: Has been a politician since age 21.

Spouse: None.

Previous marriages: Two. Second ended in 1987.

Children from previous marriages: College-aged daughter from second marriage.

Military history: None reported, though his brother served in Vietnam. Kucinich was of draft age from 1964 to 1972.

Medical history: None reported. Kucinich is a vegan.

Parents’ jobs: Father was a truck driver.

Net worth: $2,000-$45,000.

Religion: Catholic, but has a long-term Jewish girlfriend.

Campaign song: None reported.