How To Watch the Masters on TV

The Masters washed out Thursday, but Tiger Woods and company will pull double duty today to get back on schedule. As always, CBS offers hole-to-hole coverage. How should you watch the tourney on TV? Last year, Alex Heard listed the essentials of golf watching, including beer, pot, and solitude. (“I happen to fly Lindbergh.”) He also encouraged frequent naps: “Be not ashamed of yielding to televised golf’s soporific power. Stay keen to the drama, but don’t be shy about letting the commentary and pace waft you to lotus land during those slow, four-hour Saturdays and Sundays when the also-rans are stumbling by and the announcers are still trying to get excited. Some of my fondest golf-on-TV memories involve me waking up with a startled slurp thanks to a roar from the gallery.”