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Wrong ‘Em Boyo

Dueling Joneses at the New York Post and New York Times.

A clever journalist of my acquaintance maintains that every copy desk should employ at least one pop culture maven through which all pop culture references pass before publication. If the New York Times had such a policy, it wouldn’t have made the silly mistake last week of printing a photograph of the Clash’s Mick Jones to illustrate its “Week in Review” appreciation of the Clash’s Joe Strummer.

Such an editorial miscue would never, ever befall the New York Post. A “Page Six” item in today’s Post (both on the Web and in print) chides the Times for its squareness, writing:

PUNK rock and the New York Times don’t mix. The retro rebel music and the theoretical paper-of-record had a head-on collision in last Sunday’s Week in Review section, where an essay about the tragic death of Clash frontman Joe Strummer was accompanied by a photo captioned, “Joe Strummer in Passaic, N.J., 1980.” Problem is, the photo was of Clash guitarist Mick Jones, who is still very much alive. A Times spokeswoman promised to run a correction this Sunday.

The Post illustrates its “ain’t we way hip” item with a photograph of Mick Jones—not Mick Jones of the Clash but an individual who looks suspiciously like Mick Jones of Foreigner.


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