Whopper of the Week: Egan Acres Tree Farm

Miami discovers the pitfalls of mine-is-bigger braggadoccio.

“We’ve got an affidavit to prove it. Egan Acres Tree farm, one of the largest sellers of Christmas trees, sent the company organizing [Miami’s] Holiday Village a certificate bestowing the title of ‘tallest Christmas tree in America’ on our [110-foot] tree.”

—Oscar Corral, Miami’s Christmas Tree Tops NYC’s,” in the Nov. 24 Miami Herald. The story was picked up by Dana Canedy in the Nov. 25 New York Times.

” ‘That’s absolutely wrong. I guarantee it. We beat you by two feet, nine inches,’ said Vito Serrao, owner of Strictly Custom Christmas Trees, which provided Newport [Beach, California]’s White Fir. ‘I measured it myself. I went to the top in a cherry picker and dropped a measuring tape. We’ve got the record.’ … Calls made Tuesday to Egan Acres Tree Farm—the company that supplied Holiday Village with the certification calling our Norway Spruce the biggest Christmas tree in the United States—were not returned.”

—Anabelle deGale, With a 112-Foot Fir, California Unswayed By Miami’s Claim of Tallest Christmas Tree,” in the Nov. 27 Miami Herald.

“Newport Beach got the taller tree at half the price; it paid Serrao $100,000 for its tree. “

—Fermin Leal, Tall Tree Tale Pits East vs. West,” in the Nov. 28 Orange County Register.

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