Whopper of the Week: Karl Rove

When Dubya said “Jump,’ Sharon said, “Eh? Come again?’

“Q: One more question on the Middle East. Now the president, it seemed to me, went into the Middle East reluctantly. It’s a very tough job, without a doubt. But then you had a situation where Prime Minister Sharon initially ignored his request to move out. Did that cost the president?

A: Well, I don’t agree with you. I think he began moving rather quickly. …”

—Exchange between interviewer Juan Williams and White House senior adviser Karl Rove on NPR’s Morning Edition, May 7.

“[W]e agree that Israel should halt incursions in the Palestinian-controlled areas and begin to withdraw without delay from those cities it has recently occupied.”

President Bush, commentingon a meeting with Prime Minister Tony Blair in Crawford, Texas, April 6.

“During a visit to an Israeli command base in the northern West Bank city of Jenin, scene of the fiercest fighting of the 13-day-old campaign, Prime Minister Ariel Sharon rejected demands from the United Nations, European governments and the Bushadministration that he withdrawhis forces from Palestinian cities and refugee camps without delay. …

“‘We should continue to fight until the mission is completed,’
Sharon said. ‘We can’t leave a single cell of terrorism, whether in Jenin, in Nablus or in Ramallah,’ he added, referring to other West Bank cities. ‘We are still in the middle of the battle. We have to complete it. Otherwise, we will have to enter again.’ Sharon also referred directly to increasingly insistent demands from President Bush and Powell for a withdrawal: ‘I hope our great friend the United States understands that this is a war of survival for us. … It’s our right to defend our citizens, and there should be no pressure put on us not to do that.’”

Keith B. Richburg and Molly Moore, “ Israel Rejects Demands To Withdraw Troops,” Washington Post, April 10.

(Thanks to reader Daryl McCullough.)

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