The Breakfast Table

Let Them Have Cell Phones! 

Dear Margaret,

You want to know what I think? I think those POWs should get cell phones so they can keep in touch with Bin Laden and the boys, get cable so they can catch Al Jazeera, get lap dancers visiting their tents so they can enjoy the fun that Mohamed Atta sought in his last nights before Sept. 11. By the way, did any of those European critics of our POW policy complain to the North Vietnamese when our guys were the guests of the Hanoi Hilton? Funny the way people are quick to knock us when we’re up, slow to help us when we’re down. Then again, we’re the best for the very reason that everybody else is so busy begrudging our success, they’ve got no time left to achieve their own.

It’s been great communing with you, Margaret. A great week of chitchat and shared rumination.