The Breakfast Table

The Front Page vs. Page Six

Dear Margaret,

I hope you received my note this morning about the Washington Monthly tagging you as one of those “center-left” pundits who are not as go-for-the-throat as the conservatives, like your pal Novak. I would love to catch your retort since I know you will have a masterful reason for the asymmetry twixt right and center-left. As for the big splurge by the Barclays boys, I must assume they got carried away by what they were drinking. The biggest boob in the world would think of something better to do with his money than spending it on those incredibly pricey bottles of wine. Anyway, I agree that this kind of porcine behavior is especially appalling in the wake of 9/11. This is not the Page Six error. It is the A-1 era. People care about what’s on the front page, not the gossip columns. That, by the way, is good for people like you and me who try to live there all the time—except when we’re checking to see what’s happening in the Reliable Source of the Washington Post.

Cheers from Hardball,