R. Emmett Tyrrell Is Too Busy for Davos!

An ongoing photographic inquiry.

Hey, R. Emmett Tyrrell! You’re the founder and editor in chief of the American Spectator, a syndicated columnist, and a contributing editor of the forthcoming New York Sun. You wrote Boy Clinton: The Political Biography, The Liberal Crackup, and The Conservative Crackup. Are you going to the World Economic Forum, familiarly known as “Davos,” when it meets Jan. 31-Feb. 4 in New York City?

No, Chatterbox.

Why not?

Too busy!

Whatcha gonna do instead?

I have a handball game with a short bald guy. I plan to play even more handball and launch a new Web site,, which goes online Feb. 4.

That sounds a lot more important!

Chatterbox will spend the next few days inviting prominent thinkers and doers in Washington to Don the Shirt. Are you too busy for Davos? Chatterbox is!

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