The Breakfast Table

Let’s See Some Live Action

Every time McKay came on I was forced to change the channel (to the Slovakia-Germany hockey game on CNBC). The stuttering, the a-rhythmic pauses, the vacant gaze. At one point I was sure he was having a stroke on live TV. Disturbing.

Speaking of CNBC, I’m very disappointed at the absence of the wall-to-wall coverage. I thought CNBC and MSNBC would broadcast all the odd, small sports we don’t see on the main network. Instead, all I’ve seen on CNBC is hockey, and I haven’t seen anything on MSNBC. With three separate channels, you’d think we wouldn’t have to watch on tape delay, yet when I tuned into the women’s half-pipe I already knew Kelly Clark had won—ESPN told me two hours before. I can’t believe they’re tape delaying events held in America on a Sunday afternoon. If you can’t show live Olympics then, when can you show live Olympics?