Whopper of the Week: The Associated Press

“[P]rincipal Marcie Miller said the highly competitive school remains proud of [John Walker] Lindh as well as its other students, who tend to be highly motivated, self-directed critical thinkers.”

Dec. 13 A.P. story

“Due to an editing error in an article about Lindh’s suburban upbringing, The Associated Press reported erroneously Dec. 13 that TamiscalHigh School Principal Marcie Miller said the school remains proud of him as well as its other students.

“Miller, who took the job 2 1/2 years agowell after Lindh left Tamiscal and took off for the Middle Easthad told the AP the school is proud of its students in general.

“The only thing Miller initially had to say about Lindhwho attended Tamiscal for a year and a half before taking an equivalency exam and leaving at the age of 16was that teachers had called him ‘a gifted writer of poetry.’

“‘I never met John, so I never would have said that I am proud of him,’ she said.

In fact, Lindh’s decision to volunteer for Osama bin Laden’s cause is ‘opposed to everything I’ve devoted my life to,’ Miller said. ‘My brother is a Gulf War hero, I come from an extremely patriotic family, my father’s a veteran and I find this appalling, that I’m being cast as a villain who’s proud of anything John Walker Lindh has done since he left our school in January of 1998.’ … Miller said the last time she made headlines was when she brought a junior Reserve Officer Training Corps program into another alternative school, and was ‘criticized for being an arch-conservative.’ “

Jan. 2 AP story.

(Thanks to Anthony York’s “The Proud Principal Who Wasn’t” in Salon.)

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