Osama Palindrome Contest: The Winners

Able was I ere I saw ‘Madam, I’m Adam.’

To commemorate the coming of 2002, which is the second palindromatic year since 1991, and the only palindromatic year set to occur in the coming 109 years, Chatterbox invited readers  to submit palindromes about the current worldwide hunt for Osama Bin Laden. Here are the winners.

Tenth runner-up, Michael Helsem:
No Osama soon.

Ninth runner-up, Mike Walby:
Part-caves doom Osama, so mood’s ‘Evac trap.’

Eighth runner-up, David Dubov:
Evil, evac a cave: live!

Seventh runner-up, Texas Monthly editor Evan Smith:
(What Clinton said to Gore):
Laden? I pined, Al.

Sixth runner-up, Michael Marchando:
Caves.  Bombers.  Osama S.O.S.  Reb mobs evac.

Fifth runner-up, Brian Robison:
Ram! O, set a general glare, Taliban. A bilateral glare negates Omar.

Fourth runner-up, Adam Schmuckler:
Men rub at? Ta. Tora Bora Hora: Osama soar. Oh, a rob, a rot. Atta: Burn ‘em.

Third runner-up, Tim Weiner (a reporter who’s recently returned from Afghanistan):
Taps Barak: Sir! Goddamn mad! Osama! So damn mad! Dog! Risk Arab spat.

Second runner-up, Matt Franklin:
Dog it! Nastily dismal side to Osama sooted Islam’s idyl.  It’s anti-God.

First runner-up, Brian Robison:
No, it is optimal, eh? War won. Bury alive Osama, so evil! Ay, rub, now raw: He lam it. (Position?)

…and the winner isMatt Franklin:
Mad dash, saber, draw no Osama. So: onward re-bash Saddam!