Whopper of the Week: Sara Jane Olson


Sara Jane Olson, aka Kathleen Ann Soliah, responding on Nov. 6 to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler’s question, “You wish your plea to stand?” This exchange was reported by Anna Gorman in the Nov. 7 Los Angeles Times. Previously, Olson pleaded guilty to attempting to blow up two Los Angeles police cars in 1975, then promptly told reporters, as she was leaving the courthouse, “I pleaded to something of which I am not guilty.” In response, an angry Judge Fidler called the Nov. 6 hearing, at which Olson said, “I did not make that bomb. I did not possess that bomb. And I did not plant that bomb. But under the concept of aiding and abetting, I plead guilty.” (Click here to see Olson’s 1976 indictment.)


“After deeper reflection, I realize I cannot plead guilty when I know I am not.”

Olson, in a subsequent legal motion, as reported by Steve Berry in the Nov. 15 Los Angeles Times. JudgeFidler has scheduled another hearing for Nov. 28, which should leave Olson time to change her plea two or three times more. To help pay for her defense, Olson has published a cookbook with the strikingly non-contrite title, Serving Time: America’s Most Wanted Recipes. (Click here  for Olson’s artichoke and parmesan dip.) And yes, Weatherman-turned-memoirist Bill Ayers is on Olson’s defense fund committee.

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