Why Osama Bin Laden Must Be Stopped

“The coveted front-row seats had all been assigned to the women who wear Chanel sunglasses and carry Birkin bags, the women who have learned over the years to step very slowly out of their black Lincoln Town Cars, one crocodile Manolo slingback at a time, so that Bill Cunningham, the legendary lensman who keeps watch at the entrance to the billowing white tent pitched in Bryant Park for New York’s semiannual Fashion Week, can get a good shot for the Style section of the Sunday New York Times. Aerin Lauder would have been there. Serena Boardman would have been there. Anna Wintour would have been there. And they would all have been smiling their camera-ready smiles. But they never got the chance.”

–Charles Gandee in the November Talk magazine

“At high-rise office buildings [where bomb scares occur], workers flock to the stairwells, packed with jittery people rushing to escape. In such a situation, women in backless open-toe shoes or spike heels risk more than a sprained ankle. … Last week, the shoe department at Lord & Taylor on Fifth Avenue was a hive of activity, and flat styles seemed to be drawing the most interest among shoppers.”

–Teri Agins in the Oct. 3 Wall Street Journal