Reader Contest: Write the Brookings Fight Song!


The Heritage Foundation has acquired a fight song! It was introduced Oct. 15 at a quarterly staff meeting, where it was sung by an eight-person choir. Lyrics were passed out to the scholars and others in attendance so they could sing along. The song, “O Heritage,” features original words and music by Sam Bing, who works in Heritage’s engineering department. Bing tells Chatterbox he prefers the term “rally song” to “fight song.” Here are the lyrics:

O Heritage, O Heritage
You firm foundation stand
A citadel where freedom’s bell
Resounds throughout the land.

O Heritage, O Heritage
Stand tall against all wrong
For God and country persevere
To keep our nation strong.

O Heritage, O Heritage
Press on with all your soul
I’ll do my best to help you press
Toward your righteous goal.

O Heritage, O Heritage
Your goal is known for sure
Our imagery of liberty
Adorns your very door

Our imagery of liberty

Adorns your very door.

Washington being a town where ideas matter–a marketplace of intellectual capital where those who shape the debate shape the agenda–Chatterbox feels the Brookings Institution now has no choice but to come up with a fight song of its own. Readers are invited to submit a sample stanza to Special consideration will be given to any stanza that includes the word “congeries” and the phrase “regression analysis.”