Whopper of the Week: Jeffrey Archer

“[In] l986 … two tabloids claimed [Jeffrey] Archer had paid a prostitute called Monica Coghlan $3,200 to buy her silence. Archer insisted he had never met her, and won $800,000 in damages in a libel action against the [Daily] Star during which the jury accepted that there had been no sexual involvement with Coghlan.”

Another Archer Mystery,” Time Europe, April 17, 2000

“Perverting the course of justice–Between December 22 1986, and April 7 1987, procuring Edward Francis to provide his solicitors with an alibi which he knew to be false and which was intended to disprove the allegation. Verdict: Guilty.


“Perverting the course of justice–Between March 26 1986, and July 7 1987, in relation to diaries relating to September 1986, failing to disclose the existence of his main office diary, a blue A53 size Dataday; providing Angela Peppiatt with a blank 1986 diary, and giving her instructions to write entries in it; and causing the diary to be handed to his solicitors for use in the court case as his main office diary. Verdict: Guilty.


“Perjury–On June 23 1987, making a statement under oath for use in judicial proceedings that The Economist diary 1986, the appointments diary for 1986 and a daily list of appointments for 1986, were the only documents of that type which had been in his possession. Verdict: Guilty.


“Perjury–On July 8 1987, as a sworn witness in judicial proceedings at the high court, knowingly made a false statement that the diary known as the main diary or Mrs Peppiatt’s diary produced in proceedings, was in existence and contained the entries relating to September 8 and 9 1986, before October 26 1986. Verdict: Guilty.”

Charges on which a British court found Archer guilty, reprinted in the July 19 Guardian. Archer received a four-year prison sentence.

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