Whopper of the Week: Nepali Prince Regent (subsequently, King) Gyanendra

“According to the information received by us [they] were seriously injured in an accidental firing from an automatic weapon.”

–Prince Regent Gyanendra, quoted in a statement broadcast June 3 on Nepali state radio, according to CNN. Prince Gyanendra’s comment refers to the former Crown Prince (at that point, King) Dipendra’s massacre of King Birendra and nine royal family members on June 1. King Dipendra died of a self-inflicted gunshot shortly after this statement was made.

“Beloved citizens, I am extremely saddened to tell you that His Majesty King Dipendra is no more with us. In his tenure as King, we as Prince Regent had addressed you earlier. In that address, we had referred to the tragic incident at the Royal Palace on Friday, 19 Jestha 2058, but there were constitutional and legal difficulties in expressing what had actually transpired.”


–Former Prince Regent Gyanendra, now king (check out the Dr. Seuss crown), in a June 4 address to the Nepali nation, according to

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