Contest Results: Readers Remember Pearl Harbor

10th worst line in Pearl Harbor:

If I had one more night to live, I’d want to spend it with you.
–Kate Beckinsale (Evelyn) to Ben Affleck (Rafe)
(multiple submissions)

Ninth worst line in Pearl Harbor:

God help anyone who gets into a war with the Americans. …
British RAF pilot to Ben Affleck (Rafe)
(multiple submissions)

Eighth worst line in Pearl Harbor:

“My favorite line isn’t a line at all. It’s the heart-breaking, wordless moment when Evelyn misses Rafe at New York’s Grand Central Station, and she stands on the platform, and he spots her from his seat, and he knows she loves him, and he pounds on the window, hopelessly, helplessly, but can’t get her attention, as his transatlantic train pulls out for England.”
(Chris Kelly)

Seventh worst line in Pearl Harbor:

A brilliant man would find a way not to fight a war.
Mako (Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto)
(multiple submissions)

Sixth worst line in Pearl Harbor:

I’m gonna give Danny my whole heart, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at another sunset without thinking of you.
Kate Beckinsale (Evelyn)
(multiple submissions)

Fifth worst line in Pearl Harbor:

We’re going toTokyo, and we’re going to bomb it.
Alec Baldwin (Jimmy Doolittle)
(Kevin Mario Grogg)

Fourth worst line in Pearl Harbor:

Sir, it’s risky, but it’s bold.
–Ben Affleck (Rafe)
(Janet Maslin, from a June 3 “Week in Review” piece in the New York Times)

Third worst line in Pearl Harbor:

I’m not anxious to die. Just anxious to matter.
–Ben Affleck (Rafe)
(multiple submissions)

Second worst line in Pearl Harbor:

I think World War II just started!
Josh Hartnett (Danny)
(multiple submissions)

Absolute worst line(s) in Pearl Harbor:

You’re so beautiful it hurts.
It’s your nose that hurts.
No, it’s my heart that hurts.
–Ben Affleck (Rafe) and Kate Beckinsale (Evelyn)
(Ruth Claire Kaplan)

Note: Chatterbox was unable to check the quotes for accuracy (that would have involved seeing the film again, an unacceptable option), but they jibe with his memory of what he heard.

Still by Andrew Cooper © Touchstone Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer Inc. All rights reserved.